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Metal Storm Sets New Speed Record for 40mm Fire

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Brisbane, Australia -- Metal Storm Limited is pleased to announce that it has set a new record for the speed at which it can fire 40mm grenades. On Friday, during firing tests toward its STORM40 grenade ammunition qualification, the Company achieved burst-firing rates of over 10,000 rounds per minute (rpm) from a single barrel.

The test firings also proved that the STORM40 ammunition, which is currently being qualified for use in the Company's suite of 40mm grenade launchers, is capable of being fired from a 6 shot weapon. Importantly for weapon accuracy, the muzzle velocity of each shot was well within required military standards.

Metal Storm CEO Dr Lee Finniear said that Metal Storm had previously fired stacks of 3 and 4 rounds of 40mm ammunition at rates of up to 1800rpm. These tests showed that 6 shots at 10,000 rpm is achievable from each barrel.

"This is a very significant outcome" said Dr Finniear, "not only does it mean we can fire 40mm grenades 500% more rapidly than previously thought, but we can also increase our total High Explosive firepower before reload by at least 50% over current Metal Storm weapon configurations".

To draw a comparison, the in-service Mk19 Automatic 40mm Grenade Launcher can achieve up to 375rpm in short bursts and just 40rpm in sustained fire. Based on the latest results a 10-barrel Metal Storm system could deliver 60 grenades at a selectable fire rate of up to 100,000rpm. This rate of fire would enable the regular soldier to have a far greater controllable impact on his enemy - with his selection of 1 to 60 grenades exploding on target in as little as 0.04 seconds.

Dr Finniear noted that while the Company continues to focus on its current 3GL, MAUL(tm) and FireStorm(tm) products, it was vital that the ammunition design was able to support future weapon systems.

"Metal Storm has the ability to create weapons that are faster and lighter than any seen before. This latest test firing proves that the ammunition we are creating today will be able to meet the firepower needs of the weapon systems we will be creating tomorrow".

Metal Storm

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