Army Guide - Patria and Volvo Group join forces to offer life-cycle support services for the Swedish Armed Forces
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Patria and Volvo Group join forces to offer life-cycle support services for the Swedish Armed Forces

Category: Defence Industry

Patria and Volvo Group have signed an exclusive teaming agreement to offer new concepts and partnerships related to comprehensive life-cycle support services for the Swedish Armed Forces’ possibly upcoming needs.

Patria is in the process of delivering 113 AMV 8x8 armoured wheeled vehicles to the Swedish Army in addition to the about 200 Patria XA 6x6 vehicles already in service there. Volvo Group is a long-term supplier of vehicles to the Swedish Armed Forces and has an extensive network of service and maintenance facilities.

A good example and a forerunner of public and private partnerships in the defence support sector is Patria’s subsidiary Millog in Finland. Millog has been already for three years a strategic partner of the Finnish Defence Forces providing life-cycle support services including a wide range of expert services, such as maintenance, repair, technical support, and system configuration management. The partnership arrangement set up for the Finnish Defence Forces’ logistics operations has proven to be efficient and profitable for all stakeholders. This concept offers great opportunities for the public defence sector to reduce costs.

“To strengthen our Nordic cooperation and position we wanted to join forces with Volvo Group, which is a very significant partner for us. Together we are able to provide the most comprehensive services and partnerships for defence sector”, says Jukka Holkeri, Chief Marketing Officer at Patria Group.

“Patria, with its experience from an extensive partnership with the Finnish Defence Forces, is a perfect partner for the Volvo Group. Together we can offer the best solutions to the Swedish Armed Forces”, says Håkan Karlsson, responsible for governmental sales on Volvo Group’s Executive Team.


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