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Military-Industrial Company LLC completed preliminary tests of the Boomerang armored vehicle

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In accordance with the schedule of work on the Boomerang R&D program, the Military-Industrial Company LLC (Russia), together with the Main Armored Directorate of the Russian Federation and research organizations of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, completed preliminary tests of prototypes. Based on the results of the tests, the commission signed the Act of preliminary tests.

During the preliminary tests, prototypes based on the Boomerang Unified Interspecific Wheeled Platform confirmed the characteristics stated in the statement of work. At the production facilities of MIC LLC, the assembly of new prototypes within the framework of the Boomerang development center for conducting state tests has begun. In the production of these vehicles, changes will be made to their design based on the results of the analysis of the results of preliminary tests.

Due to changes in the design of the armored hull of the Boomerang platform, a decision was made to carry out ballistic tests and mine tests on a full-size prototype of a vehicle with an updated hull.

In parallel, taking into account the results of preliminary tests of the Boomerang prototypes at JSC Hull Factory, which is part of the management perimeter of MIC LLC, preparations were made for the production of armored hulls of a modified design. The factory has fully prepared the necessary equipment for the production of new armored vehicles. In total, almost 800 units of technological equipment of various complexity were designed and manufactured, including stowing stands, a tilter, a bathroom for checking the tightness of the case, and much more. This will allow, already in 2022, after completion of state tests, to begin mass production of the Boomerang Unified Interspecific Wheeled Platform.


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