Raytheon Systems Company

Type of activity:
Fire Control Systems
Vision Devices
Laser Range Finders
Sighting Systems
Weapons & Weapon Systems

1001 Boston Post Road,
MA 01752

Country: USAUSA
Phone: +1 508 490 2424
Fax: +1 508 490 2822

? (Projectile)
BattleGuard (Remote controlled weapon station)
IAAPS (Active protection system)
LRAS3 (Observation And Reconnaissance Equipment)
Quick Kill (Active protection system)
TOW 2 BGM-71D (Anti-tank guided missile launcher)
TOW 2A BGM-71E (Anti-tank guided missile launcher)
TOW 2B (Anti-tank guided missile launcher)
TOW 2B BGM-71F (Anti-tank guided missile launcher)
TOW 2Ŕ (Anti-tank guided missile launcher)
TOW BGM-71 (Anti-tank guided missile launcher)
TOW BGM-71A (Anti-tank guided missile launcher)
TOW BGM-71C (Anti-tank guided missile launcher)
TOW EagleFire (Anti-tank guided missile launcher)
TOW RF (Anti-tank guided missile launcher)
Last contracts:
Add Date
(Close Date)
Annual Cost
TOW 2B (Anti-tank guided missile launcher) 462
Nov 2007
(Dec 2008)
LRAS3 (Observation And Reconnaissance Equipment) 700
Aug 2007
(Dec 2012)
All contracts...

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