Manufacturer: Carmor Ltd.  
Product type: Armoured Vehicles  
Name: Armoured car  

The Wolf (Ze'ev) multipurpose armoured vehicle was originally developed as a private venture by the RAFAEL Armament Development Authority, Ordnance Systems Division, as a private venture.

The first prototype was completed in 2002 and this underwent extensive user trials with the Israel Defence Force (IDF), which were completed in March 2005.

In early 2005, the IDF placed the first USD14 million production order, with the RAFAEL Armament Development Authority as the overall prime contractor. The first production vehicles were completed in June 2005. This covered the supply of an initial batch of 30 units, which have now been delivered.

As of late 2007, a total of 130 Wolf vehicles had been ordered by the IDF, although it is expected that the eventual requirement will be much more, in order to allow the current vehicles used by the IDF for the internal security vehicle to be replaced.

The actual vehicles are manufactured by Hatehof in Israel, followed by Force Protection in the US using funding under the Foreign Military Sales (FMS) programme.

In IDF service the Wolf will replace the current M-462 (4 × 4) Abir internal security vehicles used by the IDF, which no longer have sufficient payload or protection to meet current user requirements.


Wolf is based on a modified US-built commercial Ford F550 (4 × 4) chassis, which has been fitted with an all-welded steel armoured body that provides the occupants with protection from small arms fire and shell splinters. The upper part of the hull front, sides and rear are well sloped, so that any objects will roll off.

The fully enclosed engine compartment is at the front, with the commander and driver to the immediate rear with a large one-piece bulletproof window to their front. Each is provided with a large forward opening door in either side that has a large bulletproof window in the upper part.

The troop compartment extends to the very rear of the hull with the actual seating arrangements depending on users' specific operational requirements.

The troops can rapidly enter and leave the vehicle by a door in either side of the hull and twin doors in the rear. Each of the large side doors opens to the front and has a large bulletproof window in its upper part with an optional firing port below.

In either side of the rear troop compartment is a long oblong bulletproof window with an optional circular firing port below. The two doors at the rear open outwards and the right door has a bulletproof window in its upper part with firing ports as an option. Floor armour protection is also provided.

All of the windows are provided with wire-mesh protection and the front one can be lowered or raised depending on the tactical situation. Wolf is normally supplied with a roof-mounted searchlight, which can be controlled from inside the crew compartment, and flashing lights.

The baseline Wolf is provided with a single-piece hatch cover on the roof that can be fitted with a ring-mounted 5.56 mm or 7.62 mm machine gun.

A wide range of other weapon systems can be installed on the roof of the Wolf vehicle, including a RAFAEL remote-controlled weapon station armed with a 7.62 mm or 12.7 mm machine gun or a 40 mm automatic grenade launcher. This can be rapidly laid on to the target using a variety of day/night sensors with the gunner seated under full armour protection.

Standard equipment includes an automatic transmission, run-flat tyres and a replacement wheel and tyre can be carried on the right rear door. A day/night camera is mounted on the roof at the rear and this provides an image on a screen, which can be seen by the vehicle commander and driver. It also has front and rear air conditioning with communications equipment according to customers' requirements.

The standard Ford 550 (4 × 4) chassis can be supplied with single or dual rear road wheels. Other chassis options are also being marketed by the RAFAEL Armament Development Authority.

General specifications and highlights:

  • Fully armored body

  • Commercially available chassis.

  • 4X4

  • Automatic transmission

  • Up to 12 personals

  • Various modular executions for different needs.

  • Roof turret

Hull :

  • 4 side doors with observation windows and shooting slots

  • Rear double door for rear deployment

  • Passengers: up to 12 personals seating in front driving position or in side face to face or back to back position

  • The vehicle is protected all around against 7.62AP and 5.56AP as well as other armoring features.

Large volume Passengers area for various executions:

  • troop carrier

  • ambulance

  • command vehicle

  • rescue vehicle

Property Value
Number of drive wheels
Number of wheels
Weight (kg)
Power-to-weight ratio (h.p./t)
Length (mm)
Width (mm)
Height (mm)
Wheelbase (mm)
Engine power output (h.p.)

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