Falcon II RF-5800H-MP

Manufacturer: Harris Corporation  
Product type: C4ISR  
Name: Radio station  

The RF-5800H-MP is a member of the FALCON® II family of multiband tactical radio systems. It is an advanced HF-SSBA/HF-FM manpack radio that provides reliable tactical communications through enhanced secure voice and data performance, networking, and extended battery life. The transceiver's extended frequency range (to 60 MHz) provides secure FSK 16 kbps CVSD voice and data in the VHF band in addition to the HF capability. It is like having two radios in one compact package.

High speed data rates, up to 9600 bps (HF), and selectable ARQ modes reduce on-the-air transmission time and enhance secure data transmissions for improved communications reliability and throughput. The combined robust digital voice (MELP, LPC-10) and serial tone data modem operate over poor communication channels. The RF-5800H-MP includes a last ditch voice mode that transmits digital voice using ultra robust 3G waveforms for operation in channels where no other waveforms will work.

A serial-tone ECCM waveform with DSP-based excision filtering and a 600 bps vocoder are combined to provide reliable, secure HF communications in the presence of jamming. Secure digital voice, 75 to 2400 bps data, and ARQ mode are supported in the ECCM mode.

The latest third generation HF Link Automation, STANAG 4538, is included and provides high performance ALE and data link protocols, providing superior linking and error free data transfer.

The Harris Citadel® ASIC provides high speed data and digital voice encryption using either a Harris-standard or a customer-unique algorithm.

An internal Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver option provides local position information and Automatic Position Reporting (APR). This feature allows the radio to be used in situational awareness systems without PCs attached to the outstation radios.The accurate GPS timing data can be used for ECCM and advanced ALE synchronization.

Integrated telephony capability allows the radio operator to place and receive telephone calls using the radio keypad when used with the RF-6010 Tactical Network Access Hub.

The data capability and network management features of the RF-5800H-MP utilize industry standard IP-based protocols to provide fast, simple, and direct communications, anc permit easy setup and maintenance of tactical networks.

The removable Keypad/Display Unit provic easy access to controls for on-the-move operation.

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Falcon II RF-5800H-MP