Product type: Armoured Vehicles  
Name: Wheeled armoured personnel carrier  

Development of the DEFTECH AV4 (4×4) light armoured vehicle commenced in early 2005 by DRB-HICOM Defence as a private venture for the home and potential export markets.

AV4 ran for the first time in February 2006 before making its first official appearance at the Defence Services Asia 2006 Exhibition held in Malaysia.

This is the first armoured fighting vehicle to be designed and built in Malaysia and is very similar to the Belgian Sabiex International Iguana (4 × 4) vehicle which is based on the German Mercedes-Benz automotive components.

The Malaysian vehicle is however a little larger, has increased payload and is in right hand drive configuration. The Belgian Sabiex International Iguana is in left had drive configuration.

DRB-HICOM Defence Technologies have extensive experience in the assembly and manufacture of wheeled military tactical vehicles.

More recently the company have been involved in the assembly some of Turkish FNSS Savunma Sistemleri Systems Armoured Combat Vehicle (ACV) tracked infantry fighting vehicles (IFV) and variants supplied to Malaysia.

A total of 211 were supplied under the original contract of which 65 were assembled in Malaysia. Additional vehicles are expected to be ordered in the future.

As of February 2008, it is understood that quantity production of the AV4 light armoured vehicle had yet to commence.


The monocoque hull of the AV4 is of all welded steel armour construction that provides the occupants with protection from 7.62 × 51 mm ball small arms fire and shell splinters.

The underside of the hull has been specifically designed to provide a high level of protection against mines. Appliqué armour can be fitted to provide a higher level of protection. Bullet/splinter proof windows are fitted as standard for all round situational awareness.

To reduce procurement and operating costs, the AV4 uses proven commercial automotive components wherever possible.

The diesel powerpack is located front left with the drivers compartment to the right. The driver is provided with bullet proof windows to his front and sides and a single piece hatch cover above his position but he can also enter his position via the troop compartment.

The commanders position is typically to the rear of the drivers compartment. The commander normally has a raised cupola for all round observation which is fitted with a single piece hatch cover that opens to the rear. On the forward part of the hatch is typically a pintle-mounted 7.62 mm machine gun.

The troop compartment is towards the rear and crew is provided with a ramp in the rear that incorporates an emergency escape hatch. There are typically at least two roof hatches.

In the prototype these are in the rear part of the roof and open outwards. There are three bullet proof windows in the left side and four in the right side.

The powerpack of the AV4 consists of a proven MTU 160 kW diesel which meets EURO III requirements coupled to a Allison fully automatic five-speed transmission and a two-speed transfer box.

Suspension is of a multi-link hydro pneumatic type with solid beam axles that are claimed to give a good ride across rough terrain.

The batteries, air conditioning system, NBC system and auxiliary power unit (APU) are incorporated into external stowage bins to free up space inside of the hull for the crew and their equipment.

The first example of the AV4 is in the command post configuration with a raised roof to the rear of the commanders position for greater internal volume and is fitted with extensive communications equipment.

The standard APU allows all on board electrical systems to be run with the main engine switched off. A 6 kW air conditioning system is installed.

A wide range of optional equipment is available including a BC system of the overpressure type, run flat tyres, larger capacity fuel tank and a 4,082 kg capacity winch which is installed at the front of the vehicle.


It is envisioned that a wide range of variants of the AV4 could be rapidly produced including an ambulance, armoured personnel carrier, 81 mm mortar carrier, reconnaissance vehicle, internal security vehicle and specialised weapons carrier to name but a few. According to DEFTECH a variety of turrets and weapon stations can be installed on the roof of the AV4.

Property Value
Number of wheels
Number of drive wheels
Engine power output (h.p.)
Max. road speed (km/h)
Max. road range (km)
Main weapon caliber (mm)

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