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Leclerc AZUR

Manufactured by: Nexter  
Type: Armoured Vehicles  
Name: Modernization of the vehicle  

Leclerc battle tank urban operations upgrade

In June 2006, Nexter unveiled the Leclerc optimised for urban operations. It is fitted with the AZUR kit, which consists of additional protection in the form of side skirts of composite material, bar armour on the rear of hull and turret to protect against rocket-propelled grenades (RPGs) and extra protection for the engine against petrol bombs.

A remotely controlled 7.62mm machine gun is also fitted in addition to the 120mm gun.

In early 2011, Nexter signed an agreement with the International Golden Group to supply Azur up-armour kits for the Leclerc MBTs of the UAE Armed Forces.

Has folowing part:
GALIX (Self-screening system)

Leclerc AZUR
Leclerc AZUR
Leclerc AZUR
Leclerc AZUR
Leclerc AZUR
Leclerc AZUR
Leclerc AZUR
Leclerc AZUR
Leclerc AZUR
Leclerc AZUR
Leclerc AZUR
Leclerc AZUR
Leclerc AZUR
Leclerc AZUR
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