Manufacturer: Singapore Technologies Kinetics Ltd - STK  
Product type: Weapons & Weapon Systems  
Name: Automatic grenade launcher  

Singapore Technologies Kinetics (ST Kinetics) has established itself as a 'one shop stop' for automatic grenade launcher (AGL) operators, with the capability to supply not only a family of 40 mm launchers, but also a complete suite of 40 mm ammunition.

For example, recent ammunition developments include the incorporation of self-destruct (SD) fuzes, insensitive munitions (IMs) and enhanced blast warheads, while in terms of launchers, by mid-2008, ST Kinetics had built over 10,000 of the original CIS 40AGL 40 mm weapon with sales to more than 20 countries.

The baseline version of that blowback-type weapon is mounted on a tripod - although it is also fitted to a range of platforms from fast attack vehicles to coastal patrol vessels - and features an ammunition feed from the left and a cyclic rate of fire of 350/500 rds/min. The maximum quoted range is 2,200 m with an effective range of 1,500 m.

Development work has evolved the weapon into the latest CIS 40AGL Mk II, which has a number of new features including: a weight reduction of almost 6 kg; a barrel removal system; improved handling and performance; and improved aesthetics and ergonomics.

The full family of ammunition natures developed in the 40 mm range include: the S411 high-explosive dual-purpose (HEDP); the S413 HEDP SD; the S421 HEDP IM; the S412 HE; the S427 HE SD; the S415A target practice tracer; and the standard S416A target practice. These have recently been joined by the S428 high explosive enhanced blast insensitive explosive (HE IBIX) and HEDP SD EBIX S425.

Earlier this year the UK Ministry of Defence awarded ST Kinetics a contract worth SGD42.5 million (USD31.1 million) for an undisclosed quantity of HEDP 40x53 mm ammunition with final deliveries due next year. They will be used with the Heckler & Koch 40 mm grenade machine gun (known in UK service as the L134A1 Automatic Lightweight Grenade Launcher) deployed in the infantry support role on a tripod, or fitted on a cross-country vehicle such as a Land Rover.

ST Kinetics has now completed development of its own 40 mm Light Weight Automatic Grenade Launcher (LWAGL) and the company is looking for orders to begin quantity production. This LWAGL weighs only 19.5 kg but still fires NATO-standard 40 mm types of ammunition. According to ST Kinetics, the weight reductions were achieved with lightweight materials and a new, patented recoil system. It has a cyclic rate of fire of 350 rds/min, a maximum range of 2,200 m and a maximum effective range of 1,500 m.

ST Kinetics has also completed development of its 40 mm Air Bursting Munition System (ABMS), which can be rapidly fitted to existing 40 mm AGLs made by other manufacturers, as well as its own CIS 40AGL and more recent LWAGL. According to ST Kinetics, the installation of this kit not only provides greater lethality and higher accuracy but also the ability to reach concealed targets behind walls and on reverse slopes.

The ABMS consists of a 6 kg fire-control system - complete with computer, day sight and integrated laser rangefinder - mounted on top of the weapon and the ABM itself, which is programmed to burst over the top of the target as it leaves the muzzle of the weapon.

There are two natures of 40x53 mm programmable ABMs developed by ST Kinetics - the S418 ABM HE; and the S420 ABM flash and bang, both of which are now ready for production.

While the ABM types of ammunition are more expensive than traditional ammunition, they are considered to be much more effective and require fewer rounds to neutralise a given target, reducing the number required and reducing the logistics burden.

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