Raven 2V

Manufacturer: British Aerospace Defence Ltd, Royal Ordnance Division  
Product type: C4ISR  
Name: Radio station  

The Raven 2V manpack is a combat net radio station which provides reliable multi-role battlefield communications. The manpack comprises a transceiver, battery pack, whip antenna and lightweight carrier frame.

Voice, data, teleprinter and facsimile communications are protected by an extensive range of advanced electronic protection measures. These include frequency hopping, digital encryption, remote control, frequency offset and burst-data transmission - ensuring successful prevention of interception, jamming, direction-finding and spoofing.

The radio can be powered by primary or rechargeable secondary batteries. It can be readily clipped into a vehicle to benefit from the vehicle power supply and the increased range afforded by the vehicle's antenna.


Operating in the 30MHz to 88MHz frequency band, the radio provides 25kHz channel spacing and an additional 12.5kHz offset facility. A programmable channel facility allows 16 fixed frequencies and hop nets (plus one operator's channel) to be pre-set before beginning a mission. The transmitter offers three power levels (5W, 0.5W, and lOOmW) which are selectable via the keypad.

In data mode, the system allows exchange of both synchronous and asynchronous data from a range of rates up to 16kbit/s, essential for modern weapon command and control and data systems.

Operational flexibility is provided by a comprehensive range of remote control facilities. A remote handset can be connected to the manpack transceiver, using field cable up to 5km long, providing voice and transmitter key control. By connecting a Remote Radio Control System, full intercom and radio station operation is provided, again at up to 5km. An Extended Front Panel is also available.

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Raven 2V