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UK Orders Bronco Armored All-Terrain Vehicles

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UK Orders Bronco Armored All-Terrain Vehicles

A beast of a vehicle will be unleashed on operations when MOD converts more than 100 Broncos, from Singapore Technologies Kinetics, into Warthog armoured vehicles for the Armed Forces in Afghanistan.

Bronco will arrive in the UK in 2009 to undergo transformation to become the armoured, all-terrain vehicle Warthog replacing the Viking in Afghanistan.

Warthog will be powered by a 7.2 litre engine producing 350 bhp and will be able to move through water - all while carrying up to 14 troops.

When not in the water, the highly agile, all-terrain vehicle will be able to climb steep gradients, cling to severe side slopes, tackle vertical obstacles and roll across trenches.

Minister for Defence, Equipment and Support, Quentin Davies, said:

"Warthog will be true to its name as a beast of a vehicle that can manoeuvre across difficult terrain, power-up steep gradients and even cling to slopes. Warthog will provide improved protection to our troops in Afghanistan's green zone, where water and a fragile infrastructure make it difficult for other vehicles to operate. It will be able to move through deep water while carrying troops at the heart of our operations."

A protected gun mount, extra armour, specialist electronic counter-measure equipment and communications tools will be added before Warthog is deployed on operations.

Warthog will come in four variants - a troop carrier, an ambulance, a command vehicle and a repair and recovery vehicle. The ambulance variant will be capable of carrying casualties, medics and kit. Warthog's repair and recovery variant will be fitted with a crane and winch, and will have the capability of towing another 18-tonne Warthog vehicle back from the front line.

President of Singapore Technologies Kinetics, Mr Chee Jhuen Sew, said:

"We have been delighted by the close and constructive relationship established between the UK MOD and ST Kinetics. UOR contracts demand speed, openness and trust; that all these have been realised across culture and distance testifies to the professionalism existing within the UK MOD today."

More than 100 Bronco vehicles have been bought from Singapore Technologies Kinetics (STK) in a deal that is worth over £150M.


1. The Bronco vehicles from Singapore Technologies Kinetics are just one of a number of Protected Patrol Vehicles that will be bought as part of a £700M package of Urgent Operational Requirements recently announced by the Defence Secretary John Hutton.

2. Bronco will be delivered to the UK in 2009 where it will undergo integration work.

3. The Bronco vehicle is currently in service with the Singaporean Armed Forces.


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