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AT Laserlite Video Surveillance products

Category: Defence Industry

AT Communication is pleased to announce the launch of the AT Laserlite Video Surveillance products and AT ISMS Integrated Security Management System.

The AT Laserlite range of products is able to be integrated in to a full night/day video surveillance solution that is able to illuminate a human intruder at up to 1.2km in total darkness for a fraction of ICCD or Thermal camera costs.

Using Advanced Laser Diode technology the AT Laserlite illuminator/camera combination provide powerful components in an overall surveillance solution.

Systems can be purchased in bespoke components or a complete integration service is available including development, design, installation, training and after sales service as a turnkey project.

Our field proven Integrated Security Management System (AT ISMS) software can be easily modified, expanded, and customized for specific applications. The AT ISMS includes a complimentary suite of functions including Integrated Digital Map Display, Intelligent Video Motion Detection, Panoramic View Generator, and various modules for Ground Surveillance Radar, Remote Weapon Control, Access control systems, CCTV’s, Detection sensors, Network Digital Video recording.

The AT ISMS is perfectly suited to applications such as airports, sea ports, military bases, national borders, pipelines, nuclear power plants, government facilities, and correctional centres.

The AT Laserlite products are manufactured to meet stringent industrial and military specifications. In combination with our partners we are able to offer counter measure systems such as Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGV), Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), and Remote Controlled Weapon Stations (RCWS). These systems have already been incorporated and integrated to the AT ISMS system.

For further information on models and solutions visit the following link

AT Communication

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