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Leonardo-Finmeccanica presents advanced technology for land-based defence

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Leonardo-Finmeccanica will attend the Eurosatory exhibition in Paris (June 13 to 17), a benchmark international event for ground-based defence and security technologies.

The focus of Leonardo’s presence at the event is the world premiere of the Centauro II 8x8 armoured vehicle. The latest member of a family of Centauro vehicles, it is equipped with a new engine and innovative weapons systems, electronics and communications. Centauro II is produced by a consortium between Iveco Defence Systems and OTO Melara (CIO) and Leonardo is responsible for the turret, including weapons systems, vision systems and fire control systems.

During the show Leonardo will also take part in a ceremony marking the rotation of the presidency of ELDIG (European Land Defence Industry Group), the cross-European land-based sector association companies which is part of ASD (AeroSpace and Defence Industries Association of Europe), representing more than 3,000 companies from over 20 countries. Leonardo is among ELDIG’s member firms.

Among the systems on display at Leonardo’s stand D501 are the armoured vehicles VBM Explorer and VBM Freccia, the VBM Mortar Carrier, the Lince vehicle equipped with the light HITROLE® 12.7mm turret, the unmanned TRP2 tracked vehicle, the HORUS unmanned air vehicle for surveillance missions and the Dart and Volcano 76 guided ammunitions. There is also a variety of equipment designed to meet the needs of future soldiers: the latest generation EZPRR military radios, the counter-IED Guardian system, the Linx target acquisition system and the Horizon, Janus and EOST-380 electro-optical systems.

To demonstrate Leonardo’s integration and interoperability capabilities, the company will be presenting a complete Command, Control and Communications chain, with workstations simulating SIACCON 2 ADV, C2I ADV, CSD MAJIIC, CID and SICCONA NDC, tactical soldier systems (TCCK and C2SF) and the innovative Software-Defined Radio (SDR) from the Forza NEC programme. The display will even integrate Leonardo’s electro-optic sensors and communications from VBM vehicles.

Stand D501 will also feature a model of the multi-functional Kronos Land radar. The tactical variant of the Kronos family of radars, Kronos Land provides immediate and complete coverage of surrounding airspace. The radar can be provided as part of a complete defence system or as a stand-alone sensor in support of air, ground and naval operations.

Notably, the products on show are of great interest to a number of prospective international customers. Various Middle and Far Eastern countries are evaluating the Kronos radar for their air and coastal defences, Leonardo’s integrated C4I (Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Intelligence) systems, the company’s electro-optical and communications systems and simulation technologies.

In Europe and South America, Leonardo is involved in several acquisition programmes for defence systems, military communications and equipment modernisation programmes aimed at improving the performance of ground forces. In some European countries Leonardo is also involved in ongoing initiatives to provide mission systems for land vehicles. Spain is an important country for Leonardo’s land-based defence capabilities and will be represented in the Spanish pavilion by its subsidiary OTO Melara Iberica. OTO Melara do Brasil will also be attending the event and will be present as part of the Brazilian pavillion.


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