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Anniversary of the Arsenal Central Design Bureau

Category: Defence Industry

On the 21th of November, the Frunze Arsenal Design Bureau, which is Russia's leading developer of missile and artillery systems, celebrated its 55th anniversary.

During its long history, the ARSENAL Design Bureau developed 45 to 76 mm automatic artillery systems for warships SM-21, SM-20-ZIF, ZIF-31, ZIF-72, ZIF-75, ship-borne launchers ZIF-101, ZIF-102 and ZIF-122 for Volna and Osa-M anti-aircraft missile systems, PK-2 and PK-16 jamming systems, D-11 sea missile system with R-31 ballistic missile for, AK-100 and AK-130 ship-borne artillery systems as well as participating in the Energia-Buran project.

Almost all the combat ships of Russia comprise equipment developed by the Arsenal Design Bureau, ranging from the quick-firing 45 mm anti-aircraft systems to the newest powerful 130 mm multi-purpose automatic artillery systems called AK-130 and developed under the direction of well-known designers N.P. Antonov, V.F. Lender, A.I. Arefyev, P.A. Tyurin, Ye.I. Malyshevskiy, etc.

Nowadays the Frunze Arsenal Design Bureau is headed by the Director General/General Designer B.I. Poletayev.

The Arsenal Design Bureau is a leading enterprise of the defence complex in the area of special-purpose space vehicles. The Design Bureau is working on an up-to-date 130 mm artillery system called A-192M for warships. The system is being developed y using the 'stealth' technology.

Sergyi Wey

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