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Patria Received an Order for Patria Nemo Concept Study from the Finnish Navy

Category: Defence Industry

Patria Nemo mortar system

Patria has received an order from the Finnish Navy for a concept study con-cerning a combination of Patria Nemo mortar system and WATERCAT M12, developed by Marine Alutech Oy.

The project targets a possible prototype testing and serial production after the concept study. This project aims to create a new, mobile fire support system with high firepower for the coastal jaeger battalions enhancing their performance in coastal protection. The concept is believed to raise also wide interna-tional interest as a new mortar system application.

Patria Nemo mortar system represents Patria's own product development as part of the 120 mm mortar system product family. Patria Nemo is a single-barrel, unmanned turret system for indirect fire support, but due to its direct fire capability, it can also be used for self-defence. The light and compact turret is possible to be mounted on vessel, light tracked platform aw well as on 6x6 and 8x8 wheeled vehicles.

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07:55 15.06.2007

Good system to be possibly mounted on Ukrainian BTR-4, if they agree, of course.

14:46 10.11.2007

I must agree. However, Patria is known for it's high quality, but also quite high prices. However, if Ukrain (or any other nation who decide to adobt BTR-4) can archieve a good contract, the combination should be quite successful and well balanced.

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