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IdaTech Introduces the 250 Watt iGen™ System

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IdaTech Introduces the 250 Watt iGen™ System

BEND, ORE., USA, December 31, 2007 – IdaTech, plc, a global fuel cell solutions provider, is pleased to announce the launch of the iGen™ fuel cell system, a CE certified 250 watt integrated power generation solution for charging batteries in industrial applications. Operating on a liquid fuel, the compact iGen™ system is the newest addition to IdaTech's family of reliable fuel cell power products for critical power applications.

Designed to work with battery packs and renewable energy systems such as solar and wind power, quietly and efficiently providing seamless power in challenging environments, the iGen™ system incorporates IdaTech's patented fuel processor, purifier and fuel cell stack in a compact, rugged, outdoor package. By operating on HydroPlus, IdaTech's methanol-water fuel mixture, the iGen™ system provides a dependable and flexible solution for critical power needs. Potential applications for the iGen™ system include automated battery charging in signaling, sensing and telemetry, security, and telecommunications applications, including PV and wind hybrid configurations.

"As an integrated system operating on a compact liquid fuel source, the industrial iGen™ system provides IdaTech customers with another attractive solution for a wide range of applications. The commercial launch of the compact iGen™ battery charging fuel cell system marks a significant milestone for IdaTech. This compact system extends IdaTech's product and market capabilities significantly, addressing the sub-kilowatt power range," said IdaTech President and CEO Hal Koyama.

About IdaTech

IdaTech is a global leader in the development and manufacturing of clean and reliable PEM fuel cell solutions for telecommunications, commercial and industrial backup power from 1 to 15 kW. IdaTech's unique technologies provide solutions for a wide range of applications from portable to off grid power and directly support efforts towards sustainable energy.

IdaTech's portfolio of industry-certified fuel cell solutions are based on the company's fuel processing, fuel cell stack and power module and fuel cell system integration capabilities. With the support of strategic partners and customers, the company's energy solutions are being deployed domestically and internationally for stationary, portable and other advanced applications.


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