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FN Infantry Weapons on Display at DEFENSE & SECURITY 2009 in Bangkok

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FN Herstal, a world leader in small arms manufacture, will exhibit its infantry product line at DEFENSE & SECURITY 2009, Bangkok, from 4 through to 7 November 2009 (Booth no. G27-G31).

For the first time in Asia, FN Herstal will display its SCAR™ family including a 5.56x45mm NATO rifle called SCAR™-L (“Light"), a 7.62x51mm NATO rifle called SCAR™-H (“Heavy") and an enhanced grenade launcher module called FN40GL™.

Both rifles feature high commonality of parts and identical ergonomics. They are designed to receive two barrels -- either CQC or standard -- that are easily and quickly interchangeable by the individual operator in just a few minutes allowing for rapid reconfiguration of the rifle for a variety of operational roles. The SCAR™ rifle is completely ambidextrous and features multiple integral Picatinny type mounting rails and a telescopic, folding buttstock with adjustable cheekpiece.

The 40mm LV FN40GL™ launcher can be quickly mounted underneath either the SCAR™-L or SCAR™ H, or it may be configured as a stand-alone launcher with a telescopic buttstock. Like the SCAR™ rifle, the grenade launcher is a completely ambidextrous and ergonomic design. It features Picatinny type rails for add-on sights and a forward opening for extraction and automatic ejection of the grenade case, as well as a side opening for long grenades and easy chamber inspection.

The SCAR™ family, developed by FN Herstal, has been fully tested and approved by the U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM). The SCAR has generated significant interest around the world and is currently in field testing with many operators including Special Forces units.

In addition to the SCAR™ line, FN Herstal will also exhibit its other infantry weapons, such as the MINIMI and MAG machine guns, the F2000 assault rifle, the P90® submachine gun and Five-seveN® Tactical pistol both chambered in 5.7x28mm caliber, as well as the FN303 less lethal launcher.

FN Herstal

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