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FNSS Showcases the Future of Land Platforms at IDEF 2017

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FNSS Showcases the Future of Land Platforms at IDEF 2017

Continuing to expand its product family with innovative products, FNSS is launching new vehicles and displaying the latest situation with its new platforms at IDEF 2017. Visitors of FNSS’ stand will also find the opportunity to directly see and touch the future of land platforms.

Displaying its broad range of solutions and capabilities, which include logistic support and modernisation for land platforms, FNSS will feature at its stand the following vehicles and weapons systems, which are all in the highest segment of their respective classes:

  • KAPLAN MT Modern Medium Weight Tank

  • KAPLAN-30 New Generation Armoured Fighting Vehicle

  • KAPLAN-20 New Generation Armoured Fighting Vehicle

  • PARS III 8x8 Tactical Wheeled Armoured Vehicle

  • PARS III 6x6 Tactical Wheeled Armoured Vehicle

  • PARS SCOUT 6x6 Special Purpose Tactical Wheeled Armoured Vehicle

  • PARS 4x4 Anti-Tank Vehicle

  • TEBER-30 Two-Man Turret

  • TEBER-30 Remote Controlled Turret

At the exhibition, FNSS will be launching the KAPLAN-30, the PARS III 8x8 and PARS III 6x6 Tactical Wheeled Armoured Vehicles, the PARS SCOUT 6x6 Special Purpose Tactical Wheeled Armoured Vehicle, the ACV Modernisation, and the TEBER-30 Two-Man Turret. Following the initial launch of its design concept in Indonesia, the KAPLAN MT Medium Weight Tank prototype will be showcased for the first time in this event.

K. Nail Kurt, General Manager and CEO of FNSS, summarised the progress FNSS has made thus far as follows: “In line with the strategic plan we laid out five years ago, we acted proactively by investing in the technologies and capabilities required by both the Turkish Armed Forces and armies around the world. The result was our family of tracked armoured combat vehicles from 15 to 30 tons, capable of responding to different requirements; our family of wheeled armoured vehicles from 4x4 to 8x8; and our family of armoured engineering vehicles that comprises the SAMUR and KUNDUZ. In addition to these already existing families, we are now preparing to introduce the KAPLAN MT Modern Medium Weight Tank and the ZAHA Amphibious Armoured Assault Vehicle. Furthermore, we also meet our customers’ weapon-related needs through our manned and unmanned turrets equipped with 25, 30 and 40 mm weapons. Today, with its wide-ranging product family, and the effectiveness and technology that characterises its products, FNSS stands as one of the world’s leading land platform manufacturers.”

Concerning the future, Kurt also gave the following clues indicating a larger FNSS: “In recent times, FNSS took part in various projects involving the design and serial production of the PARS 4x4, KAPLAN 15, ACV 30 and ZAHA vehicles in Turkey. Overseas, it also achieved a new and significant export success with the PARS 6x6 and PARS 8x8. All these accomplishments will, within a period of one or two years, take the company’s annual turnover to the region of $500 million. Under our new strategic plan, our goal for the upcoming period is to reach a turnover of $1 billion. We will achieve this both with our current product family and the new platforms we will be introducing to this family. Over the past years, FNSS have shown itself to be a company capable of laying out the right strategies and becoming successful by implementing them. There is no doubt in my mind that the company will once again do the same within the period covered by our new strategic plan.”

Kurt’s concluding remarks were concerning FNSS’ customers – the company’s raison d'être: “FNSS is a company which has handled each one of its business endeavours with great diligence and attention since the day it was founded. We add value to our customers, starting all the way from the tender process. And even when we are not the one to win a tender, we know that FNSS’ inputs and approaches have the effect of improving the tender’s schedule, budget and quality parameters. FNSS is the Turkish Armed Forces’ largest supplier in terms all the different parameters, such as the number and types of vehicles in inventory. Moreover, FNSS has always ensured the continuity of its contacts with the foreign countries it is doing business with. Even after the initial contracts are executed, it continues to forge new deals and to maintain its presence in that country through integrated logistic support activities. We are working on joint developments projects for the AV8 in Malaysia and the KAPLAN MT in Indonesia. In Saudi Arabia, we are operating a state facility with our local partner. FNSS offers its overseas clients the best solution for armed forces, as well as the most suitable collaboration models for local defence industries. The prime reason why we are looking to the future with confidence is the satisfaction of our customers. I can confidently state that in the coming period, we will continue to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level."

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FNSS Defence Systems Inc

Pars 8x8 (Wheeled armoured personnel carrier)

Pars 6x6 (Wheeled armoured personnel carrier)

Pars 4x4 (Reconnaissance Vehicle)

Kaplan (Robot, Unmanned Vehicle)

Pars 6x6 CBRN (Nuclear/biological/chemical reconnaissance vehicle)

KAPLAN-20 NG-AFV (Infantry fighting vehicle)

KAPLAN-MT/Harimau (Light tank)

KAPLAN-30 NG-AFV (Infantry fighting vehicle)

KAPLAN-10 (Self-propelled antitank guided missile system)

Pars III 8x8 (Wheeled armoured personnel carrier)

Pars III 6x6 (Wheeled armoured personnel carrier)

Pars 6x6 SCOUT (Reconnaissance Vehicle)

KAPLAN-20 LAWC-T (Tracked armoured personnel carrier)

Pars III 8x8 (Engineer vehicle)

KAPLAN STA (Tracked armoured personnel carrier)


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