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Russia's Special Weapons And Equipment At SOFEX 2006 Exhibition

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The 6th International Special Operations Forces Exhibition, SOFEX 2006 will be held from 27th till 30th March, 2006 in Amman, the capital of the Hashimite Kingdom of Jordan, at King Abdullah Marka air base. The event is fostered by the head of the state King Abdullah II and supported by the Jordanian Armed Forces Command.

It traditionally generates heightened interest among leading producers and customers of special weapons and equipment in many countries round the world. This year more than 270 companies and organisations from over 40 countries have been invited to attend SOFEX 2006.

Russia is a traditional participant to this exhibition. Besides Rosoboronexport State Corporation, the united Russian delegation includes: Bazalt State scientific production enterprise, Moscow; Vega Radio-engineering concern JSC, Moscow; TsNIITOCHMASH Federal state unitary enterprise, Klimovsk, Moscow Region; Vyatskiye Polyany Machine-building plant, Vyatskiye Polyany; Sfera company, Nizhniy Tagil.

Above 150 different products will be showcased by full-scale samples, models, mockups, advertising and promotional materials from leading Russia’s special weapons and equipment designers and manufacturers in a unique national exposition. The exhibition is also a good case to demonstrate other types of Russian-made armaments and military equipment intended for export, such as helicopters, armoured vehicles, air defence assets, multiple rocket systems, modern naval weapons adapted to needs of the Middle East countries.

The RPG-26 and RPG-27 type hand-held anti-tank grenade launchers, RShG-1 and RShG-2 assault grenades, new munitions for the RPG-7 hand-held anti-tank grenade launcher can substantially increase firepower of mechanised infantry, assault, reconnaissance and special operations units. These weapons are capable of defeating existing and prospective armoured targets including those fitted with explosive reactive armour. At present such munitions are in service with more than 40 countries round the world.

It should be noted that the well-known RShG-1 grenade will be displayed in complement with an expandable grenade launcher. The latter features the world’s unique thermobaric ammunition developed by Russian arms designers who drew on combat experience gained in recent local conflicts. Its combat effects ensure reliable destruction of enemy manpower in any type of shelters with a high-temperature field and a powerful shock wave generated after its round’s warhead explosion.

Visitors’ interest will traditionally be drawn to highly efficient firing arms designed for special-operations and law-enforcement units. One will be able to see samples of the SR-1 self-loading pistol, SR-2 submachine gun, SR-3 compact assault rifle, PSS silent pistol, AS special silenced assault rifle, VSS sniper rifle, SPP-1M underwater pistol, APS underwater assault rifle, and special-purpose cartridges. These weapons embody design features most needed for anti-terrorist operations, such as limited maximum kill range, high grouping of both single-shot and automatic fire allowing reduction of collateral damage among civilian population, hostages and special unit operatives, as well as demolition of material assets.

In the national exposition one will also find the best-selling samples of individual protection aerosol sets – the Udar and Udar-1M aerosol spray-dosers designed to temporarily disable living creatures, such as humans, wild and domestic animals. The protection sets are simple and reliable in use, safe and convenient in operation.

Visitors will undoubtedly take notice of the 1U35 unified shooting trainer designed to master weapon handling skills in different firing positions without spending live ammunition.

The Russian exposition will show special-purpose anti-terror equipment including various types of explosive ordnance device disposal equipment, as well as facilities for their safe transportation and de-arming characterised by design simplicity and operational reliability.

Various types of non-lethal weapons will be of a certain interest too. Among them one will be able to see the SV-1301 and SV-1317 multi-purpose grenade-launching systems armed with tear-gas, blinding-deafening and shock-stunning rounds. These weapons are designed to produce psycho/physiological impact on armed terrorists who have seized means of transportation or buildings, to put them out of action for some time.

A sizeable place on Russian stands will be given to a new generation of individual protection means. This part of the exposition includes the Sfera bullet-proof armoured vests and Alfa helmets providing high degree of protection thanks to use of special steel, modern design and improved comfort.

Considering the global context where demand for modern and efficient means to counter terrorist threat is on the rise, Rosoboronexport State Corporation is able to satisfy to the maximum degree foreign customers’ requests and requirements for special weapons and equipment, including their joint development, production and promotion to the world market.

Foreign visitors to the Russian exposition at SOFEX 2006 will be able to make certain one more time that the Russian Federation offers for export most modern high-technology military and dual-purpose products whose basic characteristics are rather not inferior, but in many cases superior, to their foreign analogues.


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