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Fixed Gun Tank

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This is a turretless tank that features a gun fixed to its chassis rather than installed in a turret. This design offers a simple method of automatic loading and would permit a longer barrel to be used than would be possible in a turreted tank of similar size and weight.

The vehicle is essentially simpler as the complexity of a fully rotating turret is eliminated, a three man crew is possible and the reduced volume permits high levels of armoured protection to be achieved for a given weight.

The commander and gunner have controls with which they can steer the tank when driving and traverse and elevate when firing. These controls are identical; thus, if necessary, either the commander or gunner alone can drive and fight the vehicle without changing crew positions, making it operable by one man in an emergency. The third crewman, the radio operator, faces rearward and is responsible for driving the tank backwards.

Because the gun is fixed in relation to the hull, the gun is aimed in azimuth by traversing the whole vehicle. The steering system allows the traversing velocity to be continuously variable, giving fine control of gun traverse rates. Elevation is achieved by raising or lowering the front and rear road wheels. The fixed gun tank offers the advantage of a lower silhouette because the gun can be placed close to the turret roof. The design will normally allow for the glacis to be given a large angle of slope. As in the external gun tank, the compartment can be given a very high level of protection and because the crew are all co-located, this configuration offers the best possible protection for a given weight of vehicle. However, the design suffers from one very considerable disadvantage in that it is impossible to fire on the move.

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15:23 26.07.2006

Is there any tank of this type in service with any tank troops?

21:33 26.07.2006

Yes the Stridsvagn 103, commonly known as S-tank, was developed in the late 1950s by Bofors to meet requirements of the Swedish Army.

11:35 01.08.2006

It seems that the design was not very successful. As far as I know Sweden is using now German Leopard-2 tanks.

18:20 01.08.2006

These tanks are very good only for defence purposes. Sweden is a peaceful country, so these tanks were good for it.

10:31 02.08.2006

no, you can not win war by defence only. The best defence is attack.

09:28 03.08.2006

That is why the Swedes switched to tanks of conventional design.

16:28 04.08.2006

Because it is much more difficult to make a turretless tank operate without a hitch in aiming the gun. The swedes finally had to match to a different drummer.

15:20 10.08.2006

Many is the time that some designers are trying to use unconventional designs, but then they return to the traditional approach.

21:12 10.09.2007

Pride and Joy for Swedish armed force(=

Put it in context, it is designed for our environment, 5 months of winter, 60 % forest, 1000-2000 lakes. So forget open plans central Europe or deserts. Imagine deep cooled forests with 3+ feet of snow. With darkness 20 hours of 24 in the winter. Try to find it and hit that first. Its absolute strength it was tailor made for its context.

And maybe it can get a back in to duty, 40tons weight, good armour and firepower. It fits in to airbus M400.

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