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China Internatinal Defence Electronics Exhibition in Beijing

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The growing interconnections between domestic and international factors and interconnected traditional and non-traditional factors have made maintaining national security a more challenging task. China is endeavoring to make its border and coastal defense unified, effective, solid and informationized.

Since the early 1990s, China has gradually increased its defense expenditure on the basis of its economic development to safeguard its sovereignty, security and unity, and to keep pace with the global revolution in military affairs.

China’s Parliament approves 14.7 percent increase in defense budget for 2006, hitting 283.8 billion yuan, or about 35.1 billion U.S. dollars (Xinhua News Agency). The momentum of double-digit increase will continue over the next few years along with China’s economic growth.


  • China, the fourth largest economy in the world, with enormously unexploited market room for your high-tech products. First-mover advantage secures your lion’s market share in the future.

  • The most professional and authoritative electronics event in China, covering both military and civilian applications.

  • Strong endorsement from General Equipment Headquarters of PLA, Commission of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense, Ministry of Information Industry.

  • Sole Exhibition approved by military authorities in Defence related realms in China.

  • Strategically staged in Beijing, home to major buyers from military sources.

  • Widespread Network of Trade Visitor in China.

Nowadays, improvement and update of weaponry and equipment has become the important physical and technical foundation for acceleration of PLA reform with Chinese characteristics. To meet the requirements of national security, it is urgently to speed up the modernization of weaponry and equipment depending on the economic development and technical progress. With the extensive application in national defence, electronic technology has become one of the dominant elements of a war. Therefore, the modernization of electronic equipment is the one of key missions for PLA. Many foreign companies with advanced technology and abundant experience are now searching for any possible chance into Chinese market. In this case, CIDEX, the only defence electronics exhibition approved by military authorities offers the right opportunity for you to contact consumers, display your images and cooperate with local companies and agents.

Profile of CIDEX

Sponsored by PLA General Equipment Headquarter, Commission of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defence, Ministry of Information Industry, China Electronics Corp. (CEC), China Electronics Technology Group Corp. (CETC), and organized by China National Electronics Import & Export Corp. (CEIEC) and Beijing Xinlong Electronics Technology Co., Ltd., the 6th China International Defence Electronics Exhibition (CIDEX 2008) is going to stage on April 2-5, 2008 at Beijing Exhibition Center, China. Meanwhile, the 2nd China Defence Electronics Application Forum will be held during the exhibition, with sessions touching on test and measurement, power supply, embedd systems etc.

CIDEX 2006

Through one decade’s development, CIDEX grows steadily and expands year by year. CIDEX 2006 witnessed the participation of 300 exhibitors including 35 from abroad. These exhibitors were from 16 countries and regions, namely, China, United State of America, Russia Federation, Israel, Republic of Korea, Unite Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Norway, Italy, Bulgaria, Austria, Switzerland, Singapore and Hong Kong SAR.

Exhibitors from home and abroad presented us with telecommunication electronics, information system, command and control system, security products for computer information systems, military electronic components, avionics, air traffic control, radar-system,electronic-support/intelligence-reconnaissance-system, counter-terrorism equipment, vision equipment, lasers & optoelectronics products, embedded system, military power supply, testing instruments and RF & Microwave. Taking advantage of the indispensable platform, players of defence electronics industry were showing their advanced technologies and products, exploring new clients and trade opportunities. As co-organizer, big names in China’s defence industry, such as China North Industries Group Corporation, China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation, China Aviation Industry Corporation I, China Aviation Industry Corporation II, China Radar Industry Association, CETC International Co., Ltd, the Sub-Council of Aviation Industry, and the Sub-Council of Aerospace Industry of CCPIT organized their respective subsidiaries to participate in CIDEX 2006. Their cooperation made this event a more comprehensive one reflecting achievements of Chinese defense electronics in different aspects. CIDEX 2006 had aroused great interest from various circles, with over 20,000 visitors during the four-day’s exhibition. Overseas visitors were from 28 countries and regions, including foreign delegations, military attaches, and counselors of foreign embassies to China, foreign corporations and their representatives. Visitors were mostly from armed forces, research institutes, and manufacturers of electronic products, service contractors for technical projects and sales agents. Senior officers and leaders from General Equipment Headquarters, PLA, Commission of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense, Ministry of Information Industry and PLA Land, Navy, Air force and the Second Artillery also visited the exhibition and showed great interest. Exhibitors were very happy to have so many professional visitors.

For better exchange of technologies among manufacturers, traders and end-users, “China International Defence Electronics Technical Application Seminar” and “The First International Forum on Application of Testing and Instrument” was held in conjunction with the exhibition, touching on the topics of defence electronics technical development as well as its applications.

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