IDF will acquire 500 Sufa 3 jeeps over next two years

156 horsepower, diesel engine, room for five passengers, a load capacity of 1,053 kilograms, and speed up to 130 kilometers per hour - meet the Sufa 3 jeep, the IDF's new all-terrain vehicle.

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Patria`s mortar systems have not been used to fire cluster ammunition in Libya

During the last weeks Patria has been increasingly contacted about the possibility that Patria`s Nemo 120 mm mortar system or Patria Hägglunds` AMOS 120 mm mortar system would have been used in Misurata, Libya to fire 120 mm cluster ammunition (MAT-120) produced by a Spanish company Instalaza S.A. Patria strongly rejects this possibility. None of AMOS or Nemo mortar systems are in use of the parties in Libya.

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MPs Test Drive New Armored Security Vehicles

Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Wash. -- Faster and lighter than a Stryker. More protected than a humvee. A smoother ride than a Mine-Resistant Armor-Protected vehicle. More suppressive firepower than all three.

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LM Delivers Upgraded Fleet Management Technology To UK Armed Forces

Warminster, England -- An upgraded logistics information management software system, developed by Lockheed Martin for the UK Ministry of Defence (MOD), will provide the UK Armed Forces with significant improvements in the management of its tanks, trucks and all other ground equipment.

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Army Armors More Heavy Tactical Trucks

Arlington, Va. -- The Army has introduced modular, add-on armor capability to key portions of its fleet of heavy tactical trucks to include the new M915-A5 Line-Haul Tractor, Palletized Load System PLS-A1, and Heavy Equipment Transporter HET-A1, service officials said.

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US Army Releases 2011 Tactical Wheeled Vehicle Strategy

Washington -- The Department of the Army today released its Fiscal Year 2011 Tactical Wheeled Vehicle strategy, defining how the Army will modernize and sustain its tactical wheeled vehicle fleets through Fiscal Year 2025.

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Iveco supplies military vehicles to the French armed forces

Torino -- Iveco, a Fiat Industrial group company, in association with the French company Soframe - a subsidiary of the Alsatian Lohr Group - has been awarded a contract to supply multi-purpose military vehicles to the French armed forces.

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12 M1A1 Abrams tanks arrive in Iraq

BAGHDAD -- Another batch of 12 M1A1 Abrams tanks purchased by the government of Iraq from the United States arrived on Dec. 22 at Umm Qasr. Once the tanks are deprocessed, this will total 63 tanks integrated into the Iraqi Army.

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Tankies in Helmand start work in the Warthog vehicle

Soldiers or `Tankies` from the 2nd Royal Tank Regiment (2 RTR) currently delivering security in Afghanistan have traded in their old Viking vehicles and upgraded to the mighty Warthog.

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US Army issues RFP for Ground Combat Vehicle

Washington -- Force protection against a classified list of threats, a nine-Soldier capacity, full-spectrum-operations capability and on-time delivery within seven years are among the "big four" imperatives the Army has spelled out for those hoping to be selected to build the ground combat vehicle.

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UK Army vehicle crew training school opens in Germany

The British Army has opened a new facility in Germany to provide soldiers and marines who are likely to deploy to Afghanistan next year with essential training in how to operate military vehicles as a crew.

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U.S. Army building smarter robots

WASHINGTON -- The U.S. Army is exploring ways to upgrade its fleet of roughly 3,000 small tactical robots in Iraq and Afghanistan designed to safeguard Soldiers by clearing buildings and caves and using sensors to sweep areas for Improvised Explosive Devices, service officials said.

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GCV Must Be Safe, Affordable, Full-Spectrum Capable

Washington -- The Army's next combat vehicle must perform through the full spectrum of Army operations, be designed to protect itself and the Soldier, and be built with a budget in mind.

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Jackal keeps proving its worth in Afghanistan

When purchase of the latest batch of Jackal vehicles was announced at Defence Equipment & Support's Defence Vehicle Dynamics event in June 2010 it took the number of Jackal vehicles procured for UK forces to more than 500.

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Army Adjusts Ground Combat Vehicle Program Acquisition Strategy

Following a comprehensive review of its Ground Combat Vehicle program, the Army today announced that it has cancelled the original contract solicitation and will issue a revised Request for Proposals (RFP) that will better ensure an achievable, affordable and timely infantry fighting vehicle.

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