Macmet India Ltd.

Type of activity:
Training Simulators & Training Aids


Macmet Simulation Systems has successfully executed software projects for various engineering applications using state-of-the-art hardware and software technologies. The group has a team of professionals drawn from various engineering disciplines, such as Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics, Chemical, Instrumentation, Aeronautical and Computer engineering.

Macmet Simulation Systems has experience and expertise in building full scope, part task and procedure simulators for Defense applications, as well as Civil applications such as Power Plant Operations. The group is expanding into building training simulators for Locomotive, Heavy Vehicle and Ship operations. The solutions offered by Macmet Simulation Systems provide effective training in both normal operating procedures and in handling potentially dangerous situations in a simulated environment resulting in complete safety without incurring heavy maintenance expenditure and wear and tear on costly capital equipment.

Macmet Simulation Systems has expertise in:

Software for defense applications including sensor and tactical simulation

Real Time out of the Window Visual simulation

Training Systems for Air, Land and Sea Platforms

Simulators for Power and Process Industries

Power System Transmission and Distribution Studies and Analysis

Plant Maintenance Management Systems

The engineers have multi disciplinary engineering skills with proficiency in C++, Visual C++, Visual Basic, Power Builder, Corypheus, Open GL, Direct X and Multigen and valuable experience of Real Time Operating Systems on IBM, SUN, SGI and DEC platforms.

With several international associations, Macmet today offers user-friendly solutions at competitive rates. Macmet's clients include Electricity Companies, leading Industries, Power Consultants and the Ministry of Defense.

Macmet Simulation Systems has expertise to supply Armoured Vehicle Driving Simulators (AVDS) for tanks and armoured vehicles. The simulator will permit instruction and practice in all aspects of the driver's tasks, including mastering the dynamic behavior of the vehicle on different types of terrain and in all kinds of weather conditions. Training can also be provided in operations and procedures to individual turret members or the whole team.

Driver's Cabin

This is a replica of the Tank driver's cabin of an actual vehicle and is complete with tank controls & instruments.

Visual System

Computer Generated Imagery is used to present a realistic, 3-dimensional view of the land terrain environment. Scenes with different lighting conditions, weather conditions and terrain conditions can be depicted. Various terrain scenarios can be simulated.

Aural System

The aural system is used to simulate the various internal and external sounds heard by the vehicle. The vehicle internal sounds comprise of the engine sounds when the vehicle is at rest or is moving at different speeds. The external sounds simulated include sounds due to other armoured vehicles and weapons.

Instructor Station

The instructor has a key role to play in a simulation environment. Therefore, an extremely user-friendly man-machine interface is developed to carry out various functions and operations through specially developed menus. The instructor is able to control the exercise and introduce emergencies and malfunctions. The mistakes committed by the trainee are recorded and a performance evaluation report is generated at the end of the exercise.

Motion Platform

A motion platform is optional and can be included to meet the requirements of the customer. Depending on the application, either a motion platform with 3-degrees of freedom or a seat shaker can be used to induce better realism to the training exercise.

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