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Avon Technical Products is a manufacturer and supplier of Individual Protective Equipment (IPE) to Forces and demilitarisation organisations around the world. Avon IPE products are all approved to the relevant NATO standards and used extensively by NATO Forces.

Avonís range of products include respirators, overboots, gloves and NBC suits. Perhaps best known for its renowned S10 respirator a description of which and the newer FM12 follows:


The Respirator NBC FM12 was designed and developed to meet the specific operational requirements of various European nations and is in production for the Norwegian, Danish and Dutch Armed Forces.

The FM12's lightweight facepiece was designed to provide a high level of wearer resistance. Scratch and impact resistant eyepieces provide a good field of vision and have a non-misting system. Sight correction systems are available for use with the standard mask. An intrinsically safe speech transmitter allows clear direct voice communications while a secondary speech transmitter for use with communications equipment is an option. A high-flow fail-safe drinking system is provided and it is possible to mount the filter canister on the left or right side.


In production. In service with the Norwegian, Danish and Netherlands Armed Forces.


The Respirator NBC S10 was designed and developed for the British MoD. Its advantages include improved levels of protection, communication, vision, comfort, compatibility and maintainability. The S10 also has an internal drinking facility.

For protection the S10 has a high-performance integrally moulded reflex seal. The facepiece is available in four sizes and has a minimum of moulding crevices which improves contamination efficiency. The facepiece is held on the head by a fixed buckle harness arrangement that allows the respirator to be repeatedly donned and removed in seconds. Primary communication is via a horn-type voice transmitter and there is also a secondary speech transmitter for use with communications equipment such as handsets, telephones and microphones. Vision is improved by the use of low profile coated polycarbonate lenses. A facepiece rib ensures a good interface with NBC protective clothing hoods. The drinking device has a double safety valve feature.

The filter canister can be worn on either the left or right of the facepiece. The S10 can also be used with remote filtration units.

The SF10 is a variant of the basic S10 developed for use by Special Forces. It differs from the basic versions in having provision for an internal microphone (for use with a communications harness/radio transmitter and ear defenders) in place of the drinking facility, and a cheek-mounted screw-in plug which provides access to a second filter canister mount that can accept an air escape bottle for conditions of oxygen depletion - it also allows the use of twin filter canisters. The eyepieces can also accept tinted outsert lenses to provide protection for the wearer against flash and fragments.

The AR10 is a version produced for use by Police Forces and is in service with the majority of police firearm units in the United Kingdom.

In production. In service with the British Armed Forces and numerous other military, paramilitary and police forces worldwide.

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