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The war against international terrorism underscores the importance of combat readiness for warfighters in joint, integrated multinational operations. It also reinforces the need for accurate, real-time intelligence on adversaries and operational environments.

Cubic's Defense Applications Group offers a broad range of training, readiness and communications solutions for militaries on five continents. It provides instrumented combat training systems, battle command training and simulation, advanced learning solutions and technical support services. The Group also supplies world-class avionics, data links and communications products.

The other major segment of San Diego-based Cubic Corporation - the Transportation Systems Group - is the world leader in automatic fare collection systems for public transit projects throughout the world, including the ticketing systems and gates for the London Underground as part of the PRESTIGE programme.

A Heritage of Innovation and Value to Military Customers

With its wide range of system solutions and products - plus the engineering, military and management experience of more than 3,000 people - the Defense Applications Group brings intellectual power, technical capabilities and commercial acumen for military forces around the world.

The company pioneered the first instrumented air combat training system for fighter pilots in 1973, and later delivered the first turnkey Ground Combat Training Instrumentation System at Hoehnfels, Germany. Today, Cubic is the world's leading provider of joint air and ground combat training systems.

The Defense Applications Group has since expanded its capabilities to embrace core technologies and military experience essential to overall training and readiness of the total force. The company provides the skilled manpower to support all aspects of live, constructive and virtual simulation and training. It also offers high-technology solutions to train and educate leaders, and high-level consultation for national security strategy, doctrine assessment and force modernization.

Communications Solutions for Tactical Missions

As a "communications house," Cubic has progressed to a broader spectrum of high-performance military data links, advanced digital receivers and software definable radios - all offering customers distinct performance advantages at very competitive prices.

Cubic's advanced data link products are uniquely interoperable, designed to facilitate simultaneous communication among joint forces. These include the jam-resistant data link for Joint STARS, the broadcast link for the UK's Airborne Stand-Off Radar (ASTOR) System, and the newly developed digital Tactical Common Data Link for UAVs.

New Products: Smaller, Better and More Mobile

Cubic's new live simulation systems incorporate affordable, commercially available technology. This has extended to all platforms, including the dismounted soldier, for combined arms and joint training.

The company continues to offer innovative electronic solutions for military forces as they transform to a digital world - an "integrated battlespace" environment. The new Deployable System for Training and Readiness (DSTAR) - the first mobile system for joint exercises - uses proven technology and open software architecture to integrate existing live simulations for interoperable, readily deployable training missions.

Another new product, the Precision Combat Training System (PCTS), can cost-effectively meet all training objectives for both tactical training and precision gunnery. PCTS - the most advanced dual-simulation product of its kind - is adaptable to a wide range of current and planned weapons, including "fire and forget" weapon engagements.

Training the Warfighter in the UK

Under the UK's Area Weapons Effects Simulation (AWES) contract, Cubic will field and support an overarching instrumentation and the world's most advanced live training system at the Salisbury Plain Training Area in the UK and British Army Training Unit at Suffield in Alberta, Canada.

It has a growth path to air manoeuvre/joint training by integrating the WAH-64 Combat Training System and the "rangeless" air combat manoeuvre instrumentation systems that Cubic is providing in the UK and Canada.

AWES can be expanded and integrated with virtual and constructive simulations through DIS/HLA protocols to provide multi-echelon training with representation of key enablers such as UAVs.

With Cubic's products, systems and services, the stage is set for integrated battlespace solutions that will help troops deal with today's threat and meet tomorrow's challenge

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