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Weapons & Weapon Systems
Contact: Charles M. Duvall

100 North Riverside
Chicago, Illinois 60606

Country: USAUSA
Phone: +1314-232-4210
Fax: +1 314-234-9642

Boeing is recognized worldwide for its development and production of commercial aircraft, military aircraft, defense products, space and communications. Boeing is the world's largest commercial and military aircraft manufacturer with customers in 145 countries and employees 166,500 people in 27 U.S states.

ASP-30 (Gun)
ATACMS (Multiple rocket launcher)
Bushmaster II (Gun)
Bushmaster II/MK44 (Gun)
Bushmaster III (Gun)
Bushmaster/KBA (Gun)
EX-34 (Machine gun)
M230 (Gun)
M230LF (Gun)
M240 (Machine gun)
M240C (Machine gun)
M242 Bushmaster / LW25 (Gun)
M2HB (Anti-aircraft machine gun)
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