Izyum Instrument Making Plant

Type of activity:
Sighting Systems
Vision Devices

66, Lenin Av.
Kharkiiv reg.

Phone: +38 (05743) 2-14-44
Fax: +38 (05743) 2-10-78

IPZ is the only plant in Ukraine for the manufacture of optical glass and optico-mechanical and optoelectronic devices.

We possess unique technologies for production of colored as well as white optical glass.

We are the developers and the sole manufacturers of remote controlled stationary naval beacons throughout the former USSR.

We are the creators of guidance equipment for remote-controlled rockets for antitank missile installations and zenith rocket-artillery complexes.

We manufacture high-class, high-precision optical devices in accordance with the customerís demands.

1PZ-3 (Anti-aircraft sight)
9S816 (Guidance Unit)
9S816M (Guidance Unit)
9Sh350I1 (Thermal imaging sight)
BMO-190B (Vision device)
BPK-2-42M (Sight)
L36.65sb2B (Vision device)
OEM (Thermal imaging sight)
OEM-L (Sight)
OEM-SO (Optoelectronic Unit)
OP-4M (Acceleration sensor)
OP-4M (Acceleration sensor)
PN-90 (Guidance Unit)
PN-B (Guidance Unit)
PN-I (Guidance Unit)
PN-K (Guidance Unit)
PN-T (Guidance Unit)
PN-VK (Guidance Unit)
PZU-7 (Anti-aircraft sight)
PZU-7M (Anti-aircraft sight)
TNP-165A (Driver's vision device)
TNP-3 (Commander's vision device)
TNP-350B (Vision device)
TNPA-65A (Commander's vision device)
TNPO-115I (Vision device)
TNPO-115T (Vision device)
TNPO-160 (Commander's vision device)
TNPO-168B (Vision device)
TNPO-170A (Vision device)
TNPT-3 (Vision device)
TPN-1M-49-23 (Night gunner's sight)
TVN-1B (Driver's night vision device)
TVN-2 (Driver's night vision device)
TVN-2B (Driver's night vision device)
TVN-2BM (Driver's night vision device)
TVN-2T (Driver's night vision device)
TVN-5 (Driver's night vision device)
TVN-5M (Driver's night vision device)
TVNE-1PA (Driver's night vision device)
TVNE-4BM (Driver's night vision device)
TVNE-4PA (Driver's night vision device)
TVNE-5B (Driver's night vision device)
TVNO-2 (Driver's night vision device)
TVNO-2B (Driver's night vision device)
TVNO-2BM (Driver's night vision device)
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