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Weapons & Weapon Systems
Armoured Vehicles
Contact: Hans Kristensen, Sales Manager

Rodovia dos Tamoios KM 14
Jacarei PO Box 278
Sao Paulo
12300-000 Jacarei SP

Phone: +55 12 3955 6022
Fax: +55 12 3951 6277


Facing the challenge of producing a new generation of defence systems, Avibras Aeroespacial of Brazil, has developed a new approach to mobile artillery weapons, combining both versatility and cost-efficiency.

The world-wide known Artillery Saturation Rocket System (ASTROS II) from Avibras, has achieved a high level of excellence since its unique and successful multiple-caliber concept for area saturation, with four different rocket calibre, was introduced for application in artillery fire support for both Field and Littoral Warfare. These are fired from the same launching vehicle without a single change in the operational and mission procedures.

Besides the benefits of low operational costs and the standardisation of the Armed Forces materials, this dual concept of ASTROS II, i.e. Field and Littoral Artillery capabilities, is an excellent option to the traditional surface-to-sea missiles, providing several advantages such as:-

Area saturation with very high hit probability over ship fleet concentrated in wide areas, and not subject to interference from the ships' defences.

Denying the enemy the use of waters from 90km to the shore.

Equally effective employment against support ships, amphibious transport docks and landing craft, and also against troops and armour on disembarkation (beachheads' suppression).

ASTROS warhead ammunitions are unavoidable and indefensible, performing on-top/on-deck attacks, and ensuring multiple impacts on each vessel, thus neutralising it.

The extremely fast, high mobility, full-employment capability and massive fire delivery, much higher than any other existing conventional system, results in a great level of effectiveness.

This system also has greater flexibility to adapt to different types of terrain; it is air portable (by C-130 aircraft), sea portable and can easily be carried on railroad convoys, as well as achieving considerable on/off-road mobility.

Since the beginning, Avibras Technological expertise has conceived the ASTROS to fulfill different operational roles with a single system, providing complete interchangeability of all vehicle chassis, easy maintenance and operation procedures, the fastest road and off-road speeds, the shortest times for entering position, firing, leaving position, re-supplying and re-readiness for action. It provides conventional artillery firing methods and optionally on-board electronic computerised fire control. The ASTROS is a complete, self-supported and autonomous system, with rocket launchers, ammunition supply vehicles, command and control vehicles for battalion level, mobile workshops. These all utilise the same basic Avibras/Tectran chassis.


The international recognition of Avibras results from the remarkable success of its products in several countries, especially with the innovated ASTROS II SYSTEM (Artillery Saturation Rocket System), combat proven in two major Gulf wars, which demonstrates the advanced technology developed by Avibras throughout its more than 35 years of experience. In recent years, the same ASTROS II has been adopted with much success by the Brazilian Army, for use in Littoral Defence operations.

The history of Avibras is one of success and combat-proven efficiency. Its expertise, always at the leading edge in defence technology, is able to expand the outstanding flexibility of ASTROS II even further, to make it the Armament System of choice of several friendly countries throughout the world.

108-R (Multiple rocket launcher)
Astros-2 (Multiple rocket launcher)
AV-VB4-RE Guara (Armoured car)
AV-VBL (Armoured car)
Guara 4WS (Armoured car)
SBAT-127 (Multiple rocket launcher)
SBAT-70 (Multiple rocket launcher)
Tupi VBMT-LR (Tactical vehicle)
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