MTU Motoren-und Turbinen-Union Friedrichshafen GmbH

Type of activity:
Engine and Systems


Phone: +49-7541-90-29 50
Fax: +49-7541-90-39 22

12V183 (Diesel engine)
4R106 (Diesel engine)
4R890 (Diesel engine)
6R106 (Diesel engine)
6V 2000 (Diesel engine)
6V183 (Diesel engine)
6V183 TC22 (Power pack)
6V183 TE22 (Power pack)
6V199 (Diesel engine)
6V199 TE20 (Diesel engine)
8V 2000 (Diesel engine)
8V183 (Diesel engine)
8V183 TE22 (Power pack)
8V199 (Diesel engine)
8V199 TE22 (Diesel engine)
MB 833 Aa-501 (Diesel engine)
MB 833 Ea 500 (Diesel engine)
MB 833 Ea-500 (Diesel engine)
MB 833 Ka M-501 (Diesel engine)
MB 833 Ka M-500 (Diesel engine)
MB 837 Ea 500 (Diesel engine)
MB 838 Ca 501 (Diesel engine)
MB 838 Ca 500 (Diesel engine)
MB 838 CaM 500 (Diesel engine)
MB 838 Ka M-500 (Diesel engine)
MB 838 Ka-501 (Diesel engine)
MB 871 Ka-502 (Diesel engine)
MB 873 Ka-501 (Diesel engine)
MB 873 Ka-501 (Power pack)
MB 883 EA 600 (Diesel engine)
MT 881 Ka-501 (Diesel engine)
MT 881 Ka-500 (Diesel engine)
MT 881 Ka-500 (Power pack)
MT 883 Ka-500 (Diesel engine)
MT 883 Ka-524 (Diesel engine)
MT 883 Ka-523 (Diesel engine)
MT 883 Ka-501 (Diesel engine)
MT 883 Ka-500 (Power pack)
SV-183 TE22 8-V90 (Power pack)
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