IBD Deisenroth Engineering

Type of activity:
Armoured Vehicles
Protection Systems
Ballistic Protection

Technical Plant
Im Rohnweiher 41
53797 Lohmar

Phone: +49 2205 89408-0
Fax: +49 2205 89408-580

IBD philosophy is that of complete protection and survivability systems, fully integrated and applied.

The aim is to minimise impact and danger to the human body and the mitigation of adverse effects to the vehicle. Based on our R&D works and broad experience, we see not only today's threat scenarios but also those of tomorrow.

Signature management applications reduce the signature detection significantly.

The Full-Spectrum Hard-Kill Active Defence System defeats a wide range of existing and future direct fire threats (KE + CE) in the close range.

Advanced modular armor protection fulfils stringent multi hit requirements, new technologies defining an advanced mine protection ensure that the threats are met. Supported by a liner application the base line for a high grade level IED protection is set and this since 25 years. The use of qualified, proven technologies and energy management measures furnish our customers with the needed solutions.

Modern design and simulation tools ensure weight optimized systems with maximum covered area and minimum internal and external changes for integrated and retrofit systems.

The MEXAS and AMAP product Family is manufactured using state of the art equipment, tooling and machinery. Very stringent in house quality assurance processes enable us to produce sophisticated and superior light to heavy armor systems in accordance with customer's requirements and demands.

We are certified according to IS0 9001:2000.

The modular AMAP and MEXAS protection systems are our answers to today's and tomorrows requests and requirements by using advanced materials in their combination and also to allow future growth potential.

Follow us into the world of AMAP and MEXAS and use our know-how to bring your guys safe home again, because there is only one life to save.

AMAP-ADS (Active protection system)
AMAP-B (Ballistic protection)
AMAP-I (Ballistic protection)
AMAP-IED (Ballistic protection)
AMAP-L (Ballistic protection)
AMAP-M (Ballistic protection)
AMAP-S (Ballistic protection)
AMAP-SC (Ballistic protection)
AMAP-T (Ballistic protection)
AMAP-X (Ballistic protection)
C1 HT Liner (Spall-liner)
FlexiComp (Spall-liner)
MEXAS (Ballistic protection)
SMART-PROTech (Active protection system)
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