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161 Ministry of Defence & Armed Forces Logistics of I.R. IRAN (MODLEX) IRAN
162 Ministry of National Defence BULGARIA
163 Ministry of Defense BELARUS
164 Ministry of Defence ISRAEL
165 Ministry of Defence MALAYSIA
166 Ministry of Defence UNITED KINGDOM
167 Ministry of Defence THE NETHERLANDS
168 Ministry of Defence SINGAPORE
169 Ministry of Defence PHILIPPINES
170 Ministry of Defence ZAMBIA
171 Ministry of Defence SRI LANKA
172 Ministry of Defence BRUNEI
173 Ministry of Defence NAMIBIA
174 Ministry of Defence & Home Affairs MAURITIUS
175 Ministry of Defence NEW ZEALAND
176 Ministry of National Defense TAIWAN
177 Ministry of Defence HAITI
178 Ministry of National Defence MEXICO
179 Minstry of Defence PAKISTAN
180 National Organization for Military Production (NAMP) EGIPT
181 New Zealand Army NEW ZEALAND
182 Philippine Army PHILIPPINES
183 Qatar Armed Forces QATAR
184 Republic of Korea Army KOREA
185 Royal Bahamas Defence Forces BAHAMAS
186 Royal Netherlands Army THE NETHERLANDS
187 Royal Thai Army THAILAND
188 Secretaria de Estado de las Fuerzas Armadas DOMINICAN REPUBLIC
189 Secretaria de la Defensa Nacional MEXICO
190 Singapore Army SINGAPORE
191 Sri Lanka Army SRI LANKA
192 Strategic Studies Group USA
194 Trinidad & Tobago Defence Force TRINIDAD and TOBAGO
195 U.S. Army USA
196 U.S. Army Materiel Command USA
197 U.S. Joint Forces Command - USJFCOM USA
198 UAE Armed Forces Special Operations Command UNITED ARAB EMIRATES
199 UAE Armed Forces G. H. G. Logistics Staff UNITED ARAB EMIRATES
200 Undersecretariat of Defence Industries (SSM) TURKEY
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