Manufacturer: Agencija Alan d.o.o.  
Product type: Armoured Vehicles  
Name: Self-propelled rocket launcher  

The RH ALAN 122 mm (32-round) M96 Typhoon self-propelled multiple rocket launcher system is based on the former Czechoslovakia Tatra T813 (8 × 8) cross-country truck chassis. In the designation SLVR stands for Samovozni Visecijevni Lanser Raketa. It should be noted that RH ALAN is a marketing organisation. The actual launchers and rockets for the system are made by other contractors.


It has an unarmoured fully enclosed two-door cab of the forward control type with a pod of 32 rockets to the rear of the cab ready for rapid loading into the 32-round launcher assembly.

The launcher assembly is controlled by a microprocessor-based control panel system in the cab and mounted on the aft end of the truck's rear decking. Loading, under full power control, takes 2 minutes.

When travelling, a sliding tarpaulin cover extends right to the rear of the vehicle covering the launcher and the rockets so making the system difficult to distinguish from a conventional covered Tatra (8 × 8) truck. With minor modifications the launcher system can be fitted to other cross-country truck types such as a MAN or Mercedes.

When deployed in the firing position four stabilisers are lowered to the ground. Standard equipment for the chassis includes a central tyre pressure-regulation system that allows the driver to adjust the tyre pressure to suit the ground being crossed and a front-mounted hydraulically operated winch.

The original chassis could also be fitted with a front-mounted dozer blade, which could also be used to clear obstacles and prepare a fire position.

The suspension system can also be locked when the truck is deployed in the firing system. The suspension locking system is automatic/manual. The launcher has a powered traverse of 105° left and right with powered elevation from 0 to +50°. Manual back-up systems are fitted.

The 122 mm unguided solid propellant surface-to-surface rockets are normally fired in salvos with an interval of 0.6 seconds between each rocket being launched. If the operator selects single shots then one round is fired every second. The methods of firing are electronic and can be either from inside the cab itself or from a remote position up to approximately 30 m from the truck.

The latter also has a manual triggering option. The Typhoon is fitted with a Global Positioning System (GPS) and a gyroscope for accurate firing position and targeting purposes. Time to fire two complete salvos from the same launch position is 5 minutes.

The locally produced 122 mm RAK 122 M93 rocket has a maximum range of 20,400 m and is 2.878 m long. The rocket weighs 66 kg in total of which the warhead accounts for 18.5 kg and the propellant 20.5 kg. The maximum speed at motor burnout is 699 m/s. A point detonating fuzing system is fitted.

The full range of Russian Federation 122 mm calibre rockets and its clones can also be used. The Croatians are also using the 122 mm M21-OF 9M22U rocket with a point detonating fuze and similar 20,400 m maximum range to the M95.

In many respects, the RH ALAN 122 mm (32-round) M96 Typhoon self-propelled rocket launcher is a 122 mm version of the Yugoslav (today Serbian) 128 mm (32-round) M-77 Oganj multiple rocket launcher developed in the early 1970s on a 6 × 6 chassis. As far as it is known there has been no recent production of this system. As production of the Tatra T813 truck chassis was completed some time ago, any new production would have to be on the more recent Tatra T815 (8 × 8) truck chassis. This is in production for a wide range of civil and military applications and is manufactured under licence in India.

Property Value
Main weapon caliber (mm)
Number of rocket lunchers
Rate of fire (rds/min)
Elevation (degree)
Traverse arc (degree)
Operating temperature, max (degree, C)
Operating temperature, min (degree, C)

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