Leopard 2 Strv 121

Manufacturer: Krauss-Maffei Wegmann GmbH & Co.KG - KMW  
Product type: Armoured Vehicles  
Name: Main battle tank  

In addition to the Leopard 2A5 Improved S that are to be used by the armored brigades the Royal Swedish Army wanted to buy newer tanks to be used by the mechanized brigades. These would replace the aging S-tanks (and Centurions) then in use. A number of alternatives were considered, even the then most modern Russian tank, the T80U, was tested. But in the end it was decided that the mechanized brigades were to receive the Leopard 2A4. These tanks were received directly from the German Bundeswehr since they, because of the treaty regarding reduction of arms in Europe, were forced to reduce the number of tanks in service. Technically (read: "for political reasons") 160 Leo 2A4's were leased from the Bundeswehr for a period of 15 years but I doubt that the Germans will want them back after the lease expires.

An strv121 with the Barracuda Signature Management system. It's not only a camouflage net, it also reduces, and almost completely eliminates, the IR-signature. The Swedish Army has ordered the Swedish Barracuda system for all Leopard tanks, both strv121 (2A4) and strv122 (2A5).

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Leopard 2 Strv 121
Leopard 2 Strv 121
Leopard 2 Strv 121
Leopard 2 Strv 121
Leopard 2 Strv 121
Leopard 2 Strv 121
Leopard 2 Strv 121
Leopard 2 Strv 121
Leopard 2 Strv 121