Merkava ARV / NAMER

Manufacturer: I.M.I. Israel Military Industries Ltd  
Product type: Armoured Vehicles  
Name: Repair and recovery vehicle  

The Merkava ARV is an advanced armoured recovery vehicle (ARV) for the rescue, fix and maintenance of the all new Merkava Mk 4 MBT. The Merkava ARV has been developed by IMI. It is the only ARV which can handle and support the new Merkava Mk 4 MBT, due to the similar dynamic performance of the two vehicles.

The Merkava ARV features a ready to use spare power pack, mounted on a special cradle for fast field installation and a towing cable for pulling out stuck tanks.

Merkava ARV will function as a multi-purpose recovery vehicle and will actually replace several logistics and maintenance vehicles such as troop reinforcement trucks and old M88 ARVs. In addition to that, it will have the ability to function as a long-range medical evacuation vehicle and will be able to carry two stretchers and a medic along with a commander and a driver.

Merkava ARV team will be composed of commander, driver and a full team of eight mechanics. The crew will enjoy an enlarged rear door for better accessing to the crew compartment.

Merkava ARV is based on the Merkava Mk 3 chassis. It is installed with a powerfull 50 tons/meter torque telescopic lever, which can lift 35 tons of weight. The ARVís levers for the company level will be smaller then the ones destinated for battalion level. Rescue means will be changed according to the needs.

The Merkava ARV is equipped with an auxiliary power unit (APU), driving 24 and 220 volts and air-pressure for a full array of tools which are required for field repairs.

Given the basic characteristics of the Merkava Mk 4, the Merkava ARV is fast and has strong abilities in the field, long driving range (hundreds of kilometers) and tough terrain mobility. According to plans, several vehicles of the new ARV will be deployed at each armour battalion.

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Merkava ARV / NAMER
Merkava ARV / NAMER
Merkava ARV / NAMER
Merkava ARV / NAMER
Merkava ARV / NAMER