Phalanx Armor System

Manufacturer: Stronghold Defense INC  
Product type: Ballistic Protection  
Name: Protective screen  

The Phalanx Armor System is a strategic integration of geometric and material properties designed to revolutionize protection for troops, vehicles, and structures.

Phalanx is a revolutionary approach to ballistic protection. It takes a novel view on the prevention of casualties from projectile threats. The specific combination of spherical geometries and composite materials has been developed to minimize weight and increase coverage and flexibility, while affording the added advantages of blast and radiation shielding. The Phalanx approach gives SDI a viable product because we are offering improvement and innovation above current armor options in the form of reduced human injury and increased tactical advantage.

Most importantly, our efforts fulfill a dire technological need for which a solution has been emphatically requested. Addressing such a dire issue with advanced solutions creates broad market potential. By the advantages of the Phalanx armor system, SDI presents itself to both military and civilian markets. This wide range of potential sales lays a strong and diverse foundation from which Stronghold can build.

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Phalanx Armor System