G 320

Manufacturer: Kader Factory for Developed Industries  
Product type: Armoured Vehicles  
Name: Armoured car  

The G 320 (4 × 4) armoured personnel carrier has been designed as a private venture by the Kader Factory for Developed Industries and is based on the chassis of the commercial German Mercedes-Benz MB 320G (4 × 4) light vehicle.

In many respects, the G 320 is very similar to the German former Thyssen Henschel (today Rheinmetall Landsysteme) TH 444 (4 × 4), which is no longer marketed, but the description following relates to the Kader Weapons Carrier.

The standard armoured personnel carrier has two doors in the side and one in the rear, with large bulletproof windows on the front and sides.

This vehicle is based on the long-wheelbase version of the German Mercedes-Benz G 320 4 × 4 with the chassis frame being modified by a heavy-duty suspension which has been designed to withstand the additional weight imposed by the armour package.

The vehicle has been designed to be capable of moving on and off the road as well as over rocky and dusty terrain in temperatures of up to 50C and 90 per cent humidity. Description

The Mercedes-Benz MB 320G (4 × 4) light chassis has been fitted with a fully armoured steel body that provides full ballistic protection against attack from 7.62 mm × 39 rounds through 360 and against 7.62 mm × 39 ball over the roof. The windscreen, side and rear windows provide the same level of protection as the roof. Up to five firing ports can be provided if required by the user. The fuel tank is also protected by armoured shields.

The chassis is of the offset ladder type with high bending and torsional resistance with the radiator and engine being provided with bottoming protection.

The independent suspension includes coil springs and twin-tube telescopic shock-absorbers, anti-roll bar (stabiliser) on front and rear axles.

Standard equipment includes run-flat tyres and a fully automatic transmission with the off-road ratio capable of being engaged even when the vehicle is on the move.

All the differential locks (transfer case, rear axle and front axle) can be engaged by push buttons, providing higher traction progressively and they are only engaged in the logical sequence.

The ventilated disc brakes and ABS system have been adapted to this off-road vehicle. The ABS system is switched off automatically if one of the differential locks is selected. The vehicle also has an electronic cruise control and locking system with infra-red remote control and driver's airbag.

G 320 armament carrier

The power pack is at the front, commander and driver in the centre and troop compartment at the rear.

To the front of the commander and driver is a bulletproof windscreen which, when in action, can be covered by an armoured shutter hinged at the top. The commander and driver are each provided with a forward-opening door with a bulletproof window in its upper part.

The troop compartment is at the rear of the hull with entry via a large door that opens to the left. This is provided with a bulletproof vision block and underneath this is a firing port.

Mounted on the rear door is a spare wheel and tyre and in either side of the troop compartment is a single bulletproof vision block with a firing port underneath.

Mounted on top of the roof is a manually operated one-person turret armed with a 7.62 mm machine gun. This is provided with a single-piece roof hatch that opens to the rear with vision blocks being fitted for all-round observation. Variants

  • Kader 594 armament carrier

  • Kader 596 ambulance

  • Kader 597 APC

  • Kader command and communications vehicle

  • Kader reconnaissance vehicle

  • Kader riot control vehicle

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G 320