6HP 500

Product type: Transmission & Drives  
Name: Transmission  

This is installed in the Transportpanzer 1 (6 x 6) vehicle. Three coupled epicyclic gear assemblies acting together with three rotating multidisc clutches and three multidisc brakes give six forward and one reverse gears. Well over 1,300 Transportpanzer 1 (6x6) have been built.

Late in 1997, the Swiss MOW AG company awarded ZF a contract for 36 7 HP 600 automatic transmissions of which 30 have been installed in Piranha 8x8 vehicles for Denmark and the remaining 6 installed in Piranha 10 x 10 vehicles for Sweden.

ELBO of Greece has selected the ZF 6 HP 500 automatic transmission as a replacement for the current ZF 6-S80 manual transmission, with 6 forward and one reverse gears and installed in the locally built Leonidas full tracked armoured personnel carrier. This is the Austrian Steyr-Daimler-Puch 4K7FA made under licence.

A total of 64 6HP 500 transmissions were delivered byZF in 1997/1998 to Greece for installation in newly built vehicles as well as being retrofitted into older vehicles. It is expected that the whole fleet will eventually have their manual transmissions replaced by the new ZF 6 HP 500 automatic transmission.

The ZF 6 HP 600 with two transfer boxes for 4 x 4 drive and Power Take-Offs for water-jet propulsion are used in the EWK M3 amphibious bridge system ordered by Taiwan.

ZF has also been selected as partner to develop and supply the complete drive train for the VBCI/GTK/ MRAV vehicle including the axle system, steering system and independent suspension system.

Property Value
Number of reverse gears
Number of forward gears
Engine power output (h.p.)

Included in:
Product Amount
AMV 4x4/Geccon AMRV (Armoured car)
PTL02/WMA301 Assaulter (Self-propelled gun)
RG-35 (Wheeled armoured personnel carrier)
VEC (Reconnaissance Vehicle)
WMZ 551 (Wheeled armoured personnel carrier)

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