Manufacturer: Heavy Industry Taxila (HIT)  
Product type: Armoured Vehicles  
Name: Armoured car  

Security Vehicle designed and manufactured at Heavy Industries Taxila (HIT) has been based on the chassis of commercial vehicle. It has a welded Aluminium Armour hull with ricochet angles all round. The hull is protected against 7.62 mm bullet at point blank range. The vehicle has a rotating turret at the top, thus facilitating all round control by the commander. The vehicle has bullet proof wind screens and run flat tyres. Seating capacity is 8 persons with 1 0 firing ports on sides.

The Heavy Industries Taxila (HIT) facility is the largest facility of its type in Pakistan and is known mainly for its extensive experience in the overhaul and upgrade of tracked armoured fighting vehicles for the Pakistani Army. This includes tanks as well as the US-supplied now BAE Systems Land and Armaments (previously United Defense) M113 series armoured personnel carriers and variants.

More recently the HIT has played a key role in the development of the Al Khalid Main Battle Tank (MBT) which has been developed in association with NORINCO (China North Industries Corporation) with an initial batch of 15 vehicles built for the Pakistani Army.

Early in 2000, the HIT started design work on a new 4 × 4 Internal Security (IS) vehicle called the Mohafiz. This was first shown in mid-November 2000 and in December 2000 started extensive trials.

Possible customers for this vehicle are the Pakistani Rangers and Police. Some interest has already been shown by banks, which would use the Mohafiz to transport bullion and cash.

The first export customer for the Mohafiz is Iraq who took delivery of 60 vehicles in 2006. These are based on a Land Rover 110 (4 × 4) chassis.


The Mohafiz APC has an all-welded aluminium armour body that provides the occupants with protection from small arms fire up to 7.62 mm in calibre and shell splinters. The fully enclosed engine compartment is at the front with the crew compartment extending to the rear.

The commander and driver are seated at the front and provided with bulletproof windows to their front and a forward opening door with a bulletproof window in the upper part either side. These bulletproof windows are covered by wire mesh screens. The bulletproof windows provide the same level of protection as the armoured hull.

The troop compartment is at the rear with the troops seated either side on bench seats and enter the vehicle via a large door in the rear opening to the right.

Bulletproof windows are provided in the sides and rear of the troop compartment. A total of 10 firing ports are provided to allow rifles and other small arms to be used from within the vehicle. The upper parts of the hull slope slightly inwards as does the hull rear.

Mounted on the forward part of the roof is a manually operated one person turret armed with a 7.62 mm machine gun and/or a tear gas grenade launcher and a two part roof hatch which opens left and right. Vehicles delivered to Iraq are fitted with a one-person turret armed with a 7.62 mm PK machine gun.

To the immediate rear of the turret are two forward opening roof hatches although the design of the vehicle is flexible so that various types of roof hatch arrangement are possible.

Standard equipment for the Mohafiz includes run flat tyres, a public address system, powerful siren, powered steering and a searchlight operated from within the vehicle. Other standard equipment includes lifting and towing hooks, fire extinguisher, air conditioning system and run-flat tyres. Optional equipment includes various communications equipment and alternative weapon fits.

The prototype is powered by a 4.2 litre diesel engine coupled to a manual transmission with five forward and one reverse gears and a two speed transfer case. If required, a more powerful 4.5 litre diesel engine could be installed to provide a higher power-to-weight ratio.

Although the first example of the Mohafiz is based on a Toyota Land Cruiser chassis, it could also be built on other 4 × 4 chassis. This includes the Land Rover Defender 110 (4 × 4), which is already in service with the Pakistani Army in large numbers.

Vehicles supplied to Iraq were based on a Land Rover 110 (4 × 4) chassis.

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