Manufacturer: Dok-ing d.o.o.  
Product type: Auxiliary Vehicles  
Name: Mine clearing vehicle  

Remote-Controlled Demining Machine

Anti-Personnel mines are destroyed by the force of impact of the flail tool attachment. The flail tool attachment is a hardened steel shaft with hammers attached at the end of the chains. During mine clearance activities, the shaft rotates and the hammers strike the ground and shatter or activate embedded mines. The force of the flail hammers are calculated to enable cutting through dense vegetation and digging into soil to a depth of up to 32 cm. The chains and hammers can be replaced quickly in case of damage.

The MV-4 Mine Clearance System is a tracked, remote-controlled machine designed to clear all types of Anti-Personnel (AP) mines and is survivable to all types of Anti-Tank (AT) mines. Due to its small dimensions and maneuverability, it is suitable for demining of house yards, orchards, forest paths, river banks, and other types of terrain that is inaccessible to larger machines. The various operating tools for mine clearance and soil processing destroy even the smallest Anti-Personnel blast pressure mines and the most dangerous types of bouncing fragmentation mines. The machine is remotely controlled from an armored vehicle or from a safe distance. The engine and vital components of the machine are protected by steel plates.

MV-4 Facts and Figures

  • Light, tracked remote-controlled system

  • Designed specifically for humanitarian demining

  • For all types of Anti-Personnel mines and unexploded ordnance

  • Strong survivability against Anti-Tank mine detonation

  • Standard operating tool: Flail Tool Attachment

  • Additional available tools: Tiller, Roller, Gripper, Blade

  • The most tested and evaluated demining machine in the world

  • Operated by a single user with a remote control unit

  • The most powerful demining machine in its class with 175 to 250 HP engine

  • Weight: 5,31 tons

  • Proven safety of demining personnel and third parties - no mine accident in more than 15 years of operation

  • Clearing productivity up to 2,200 square meters per hour

  • Agile and mobile on inclinations and cross-country terrain due to its unique design and low profile

  • Easy and inexpensive transport on a truck, 20' container, air, or by helicopter

  • Full Integrated Logistics Support provided by DOK-ING


The MV-4 was designed to perform only one task - demining. It is not a modified construction machine or tank. The MV-4 is the 5th model in the MV series of mine clearance systems. To date, over 35 million square meters of mine polluted terrain have been mechanically cleared by DOK-ING systems.


Because of its small dimensions, very good maneuverability, high engine power, and low track-ground pressure, the MV-4 can work year round in almost all conditions. The clearing productivity is up to 2200 m² per hour.

Mobility & maneuverability

The MV-4's small dimensions and low track-ground pressure allow the machine to pass over difficult terrain such as ditches, urban areas, canals, etc.

MV-4 can drive and work on highly inclined terrain both transversely and longitudinally:

  • clearing of transverse slopes of 35° up and down

  • driving on transversal slopes of 45° up and down

  • clearing longitudinal slopes of 20°driving on longitudinal slopes of 35°

MV-4 can clear very close to obstacles such as buildings and other structures both when moving in parallel (25 cm) and perpendicular direction (75 cm).

The working tool can be raised, lowered, extended and retracted to enable the system to navigate over difficult terrain such as ditches, obstacles, canals, etc.

MV-4 can drive through water to a depth of 45 cm without any special actions taken by the operator and can turn 360° on a single point.

The MV-4 is also able to pass over a ditch 0.5 m wide and 0.3 m deep, and vertical obstacles of about 0.3 m in height. MV-4 drives both in transversal and lateral inclinations. It is also able to perform self-recovery from a ditch/channel by using its hydraulic arms (extend/retract positions).


The MV-4 is provided with the HARDOX steel plates. The MV-4 is highly resistant to the fragmentation of landmines, and it's low profile reduces its susceptibility to shrapnel damage.

Ability to withstand at mine detonation

Although the MV-4 is primarily designed for clearance of Anti-Personnel mines, there is always a possibility of encountering Anti-Tank mines during its operation.

The MV-4 strongest ability to withstand Anti-Tank mine detonations has been proved at the Swedish EOD and Demining Center (SWEDEC) in July 2004.

The MV-4 basic model includes a flail tool attachment. Additional tool attachments currently available for the MV-4 Mine Clearance System are the Roller Tool Attachment, Blade Tool Attachment, Gripper Tool Attachment, and the Tiller Tool Attachment.


  • Purpose: Clearance of landmines, booby trap clearance, scatterable munitions clearance, soil preparation, vegetation clearance.

  • Description: Destroys Anti-Personnel mines with 34 rotating hammers. Used on all types of soil and vegetation.

  • Tool width: 2015 mm

  • Working width: 1725 mm

  • Weight: Approximately 1200 kg


  • Purpose: Exchangeable tool attachment for clearance of landmines, booby trap clearance, scatterable munitions clearance, soil preparation, vegetation clearance.

  • Description: The Tiller Attachment has a width of approximately 1800 mm and is designed for clearance of Anti-Personnel mines to a depth of up to 320 mm. Tiller Attachment is very effective during mine clearance of areas with little or no vegetation and can easily be mounted on the vehicle.

  • Dimensions: 2352 x 1545 x 1197 mm

  • Weight: 1585 kg


  • Purpose: Exchangeable tool attachment for route clearance and area proofing.

  • Description: 10 or 12 independent steel wheels, each weights approximately 160 kg, follow the configuration of the surface and activate eventual mines. Fast and easy mounting on the basic vehicle.

  • Dimensions: 2050 x 1274 x 851 mm

  • Weight: 1880 kg


  • Purpose: Exchangeable tool attachment, working in soil containing explosives, IEDs, clearing hazardous roadblocks.

  • Description: Possibility to push approximately 4 tons of weight. Fast and easy mounting on the basic vehicle.

  • Dimensions: 693 x 1935 x 1103 mm

  • Weight: 585 kg


  • Purpose: Exchangeable tool attachment for lifting and moving of the dangerous devices, cars and obstacles, and cutting barb wire.

  • Description: The tool is rotating 360 degrees, can be opened up to 1600 mm and can lift the weight up to 1000 kg. Can grip and move small devices, cars, fuel drums, dangerous/suspicious objects, act as battering ram, jaws of life, wire cutter. Fast and easy mounting on the basic vehicle.

  • Dimensions: 2258.5 x 1940 x 985 mm

  • Weight: 890 kg

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