Manufacturer: TenCate Advanced Armour UK  
Product type: Ballistic Protection  
Name: Ballistic protection  

TenCate Rosist™ is a coating that provides protective panels with several features. It is capable of withstanding impacts from wear and tear, dirt, cleaning, exposure, detergents and decontaminating agents. These features result in a highly durable coating product with low wear and tear, resulting in operating costs that match customers’ requirements for low overall cost of ownership.

TenCate Rosist™ has technical advantages such as:

Sets rapidly (3–5 seconds) at any thickness without intervals, starting with 250 to 50,000 μ m.

  • Fast cure for when undertaking repairs at ambient temperatures, even after 24 hours

  • No volatile organic content, 100% solids, and environmentally friendly

  • Outstanding abrasion resistance, impact strength, tensile strength, tear strength and high elongation per cent

  • High electrical resistance and high dielectric strength. Approved for cathodic disbondment for petroleum applications

TenCate Rosist™ Technology

TenCate Rosist™ is a two-component spray using flexible 100% solid thermoplastic. It is a multipurpose material that sets rapidly and cures fast, with a textured surface that is designed for a wide range of both commercial and industrial applications.

It adheres well to most materials, including steel concrete, wood, fibreglass and epoxies. It is suitable as a protective, abrasive impact liner for pipelines, tanks, industrial floors, ships, helicopter decks, trucks, buses and trains, and is even approved for use in contact with drinking water.

It is resistant to crude oil, kerosene, lubrication oil, sewage, sea water, diesel, drinking water and chemicals. It also serves as a continuous, seamless and monolithic liner for flat, curved and sharp cornered surfaces, in order to meet specific requirements.

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