Manufacturer: Israel Aerospace Industries - IAI  
Product type: Auxiliary Equipment  
Name: Seat  


Based on three decades of experience in Aviation Crashworthy Seats.

  • Seat orientation: Fwd/aft facing or side facing

  • Accomodated to fully equipped trooper - Up to 95% percentile.

  • Equipped with comfort cushions for long rides and poor road conditions

  • Protects seated occupants from mine blasts resulted in high acceleration above 100gfs in time frame of less than 8 msec.

  • Energy absorption system (EAS) based on plastic deformation principle, for wide range of population [ from 5 % percentile female to 95% percentile male]

  • Service life - 15 years

  • Fire retardant materials

  • Energy Absorbing Systen [EAS] technology tested by Weapons Material Division of the American Army Research Lab (ARL).

  • Easy re-configuration between fwd/aft and side facing

  • Minimum parts - high reliability

  • Special cushions provide comfortable seating for poor road conditions.

  • The seat materials are of fire retardant characteristics tested to the requirements of the aviation standards : FAA - FAR Part 25.853

  • Low weight: Up to 25 Kg.

  • The seat is scalable for different vehicles; may need to use a different adaptor for variations in vehicle design.

  • The EAS System is designed to be activated by the vertical load applied by the occupant on the seat pan as a result of mine blast.

  • The seat is designed to sustain lateral loads resulted by side blast.

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