Manufacturer: Textron Marine & Land Systems  
Product type: Auxiliary Vehicles  
Name: Tactical vehicle  

COMMANDO four-wheeled armored vehicles enable you to “Strike Swiftly” by delivering exceptional performance across the full spectrum of military operations. Rigorously tested and proven in the toughest environments, the COMMANDO family of vehicles offers a range of protection up to and exceeding MRAP level, unmatched on-road/off-road mobility and ample firepower. Drawing from three vehicle lines, we deliver customized capabilities that meet each customer’s mission needs at a price unmatched by our competition. As a full-spectrum armored vehicle provider, we're also there every step of the way. We offer customers vehicle fielding, training and logistics support in addition to excellence in vehicle design and manufacturing.

Commando Family of Vehicles

  • Commando Advanced

  • Commando Select

  • Commando Elite

  • Commando Utility

COMMANDO Utility vehicles are designed to facilitate unique mission requirements in forward and rear echelon operational environments. Technologically advanced, these utility vehicles perform demanding tasks with ease, allowing users to complete tasks efficiently and safely. COMMANDO Utility vehicles are backed by the same Textron name that has become synonymous with safety, reliability, durability and value.

The COMMANDO Utility vehicle line includes the Survivable Combat Tactical Vehicle (SCTV) System and COMMANDO Utility Baserunner.

The Survivable Combat Tactical Vehicle (SCTV) System offers occupants an armored monocoque v-hull crew capsule and restores tactical mobility with proven components. The Survivable Combat Tactical Vehicle Capsule is the protective capsule that replaces the current HMMWV crew compartment in a one-for-one exchange and is an integral component of the Textron/Granite total system integration. The SCTV is a lightweight, highly protected system that is low in maintenance, rotary wing transportable, and compatible with all versions of HMMWVs currently in service. The solution capitalizes on previous training and maintains the characteristics of the original HMMWV cab by utilizing most of the existing controls, linkages and drive systems - the familiar and proven characteristics that make the HMMWV the vehicle of choice.

The SCTV HMMWV integrated vehicle system protects in-theater troops against blast and IED threats during combat operations on the asymmetric battlefield. The continuing need for substantial and sustained deployments across the full spectrum of operations requires innovative solutions to protect troops. Crew survivability has become a key performance parameter for all vehicle platforms. The SCTV has a lower center of gravity than an up-armored HMMWV and is resistant to small arms fire, blasts and the secondary effects of blasts such as fire, crushing, rollover and collision. Pre-assembled SCTV components are easily transported by road, sea or air. The retrofit can be accomplished in fewer man-hours than the current armor and frag kits. The SCTV is low maintenance and supported by the military's existing parts inventory.

MRAP-style protection

The SCTV is compatible with all versions of HMMWVs currently in service and provides MRAP-style protection by incorporating angles and a v-shaped blast deflection under-body plate. It retains all characteristics of the original HMMWV cab by utilizing existing controls, linkages, and drive system.

  • Door windows slide open internally or externally

  • Blast protection seats with five-way restraining harnesses

  • Aircon Front: 550CFM - 20,000 cool and 22,000 heat

  • Aircon Rear: 600CFM - 24,000 cool and 26,000 heat

  • Isolates fuel cell from crew compartment

  • External battery compartment

  • Bolt-In back wall allows for the installation of a rear door

  • Fire retardant insulation panels

  • Thermal guard soft interior headliner

  • Smooth interior to reduce physical hazards to crew

  • Roof supports weight and function of most gunner protection kits and weapon systems currently in use

  • NBC overpressure system capable

  • Supports Kidde fire suppression system

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Number of wheels
Number of drive wheels

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