SG 850C

Manufacturer: SAPA Placencia  
Product type: Transmission & Drives  
Name: Transmission  

The technology of SAPA PLACENCIA high performance transmissions represents the state of the art in mechanical transmissions.

The first transmission, fully automatic, multigear and totally mechanical and does not incorporate a torque converter or hydrostatic steering. Ratio spread is 20, divided in 32 gears equally spaced by 10% increments.

It improves performance with an overall efficiency ratio better than 90% in any condition and allows fuel savings over 15% in comparisson with conventional automatic transmission with torque converter.

Key Features:

  • No torque converter

  • Efficiency up to 90% in any operating condition

  • Drive by wire steering control system

  • Pure mechanical steering system

  • Braking system with service, parking and emergency brakes

  • Diagnosis and autodiagnosis for maximum safety, reliability and maintenance

Eliminating hydraulic power transmission systems from the power path in both propulsion and steering systems deliver the highest power to the tracks allowing the vehicle excellent maneuverability and control.

Propulsion system of SG transmissions is a 32 speed electro-hydraulically controlled power-shift. Ratio spread is 20 and speeds are divided into 4 ranges, each of them suitable for different terrain and maneuver conditions.

Steering system is steer by wire allowing optimum control of the vehicle at high speed as well as during sharp turns. Steering system performs differential steering, pivot and neutral pivot. With steer by wire, effort demanded to driver is not imposed by the steering system so handling of the vehicle and driver fatigue are largely enhanced.

With SG transmisions' HIGH RATIO SPREAD and HIGH EFFICIENCY, extreme torque demanding situations can be performed smoothly and precisely. Eliminating hydraulic power systems make the engine require much less power so vehicle mobility is perfected and noise and fuel are optimized.

Another benefit of the transmission high efficiency and lack of hydraulic power system operates in its designed range in all vehicle operating condition. Oversizing and overheating of the cooling system is avoided because the efficiency is ALWAYS high.

SG transmissions include braking system with emergency, parking and service brakes. Braking system of SG transmissions provide 0.5G deceleration rate and allow engine shut/break down braking as well as parking brake in maximum slope.


  • Max. engine power - 800 ..

  • Max. vehicle weight - 40

  • Number of gears - 32

  • Ratio spread, forward range - 20:1 to 1:1

  • Ratio spread, reverse range - 35:1 to 1.75:1

  • Oil system capacity - 60 l

Property Value
Number of forward gears
Engine power output (h.p.)
Length (mm)
Width (mm)
Height (mm)
Weight (kg)

Included in:
Product Amount
AMPV (Tracked armoured personnel carrier)
Pizarro ICV (Infantry fighting vehicle)
Tulpar (Infantry fighting vehicle)

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SG 850C
SG 850C
SG 850C