Manufacturer: ASELSAN inc.  
Product type: Sighting Systems  
Name: Commander's sighting system  

Commander's Panoramic Periscope (CPP), which is able to rotate 360 in azimuth direction, includes the same sub-units like GP in accordance with its modular system architecture. Commander can search and engage targets independently from the gunner and transfer the target data to the gunner through the CPP. While the gunner takes over, aims the gun and fire, commander continues to seek the other targets. Thanks to CPP's automatic search and track ability, the survivability of the system is increased.

CPP includes the following units:

Stabilized Head Mirror:

  • nx360 rotation in azimuth direction

  • Field of regard: -9 / +20 in elevation axis

  • Stabilization: < 50 μrad in RMS

Thermal Sight Unit:

  • Operating Band: 8 - 12 μm

  • Resolution: High Definition

  • Wide Field of View (Horizontal): > 12

  • Narrow Field of View (Horizontal): < 4

  • CCIR & DVI video output

Laser Integrated Day Sight Unit Laser Range Finder

  • Operating Band: 1 540nm (eyesafe)

  • Pulse Repetition Rate: 1 Hz

  • Beam Divergence: < 1 mrad

  • Measurement Range: 10km 5m

CCD Camera:

  • Wide Field of View < 20 (circular) with 3x magnification

  • Narrow Field of View < 5 (circular) with 12x magnification

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