Manufacturer: Armour Group, Inc.  
Product type: Ballistic Protection  
Name: Bullet proof glass  

We manufacture a variety of bullet resistant transparent armor, that utilizes low iron glass to provide a clearer view of colors in daylight, but more importantly, does not impair night vision technology like most ballistic glass. In addition we manufacture our patented ONEWAY Return Fire Glass that is unlike any other. It is ballistic on one side, capable of protecting to NIJ Level IV/EN B7 standards.

From within, the defender can fire through the ballistic glass without degrading protective performance. Cut to precise dimensions, you will find our glass in applications ranging from high value buildings, guard and police stations, military and law enforcement vehicles, luxury transport, to cash-in transit, armored trucks.

Our glass has proven itself superior to all others in the extreme conditions of the Middle Eastern combat theater where it has nor delaminated, turned yellow, or otherwise impeded ballistic performance. STAT Industry offers a 5 (five) year warranty on all transparent armor built in house.

No other bulletproof glass on the market performs like our ONEWAY Return Fire Glass. Providing ballistic protection from one side and the ability to counterattack from the other, ONEWAY Return Fire Glass maintains structural integrity and protection levels while allowing defenders to return fire. Available in sheet size or cut to precise dimensions. ONEWAY Glass provides superior personnel protection installed as glazing for high value buildings and police cruisers, military vehicles and VIP luxury limos. This product is available for installation with ballistic-rated framing to provide a complete security solution for architectural applications.

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