M-84D Degman

Manufacturer: DURO DAKOVIC Special Vehicles  
Product type: Armoured Vehicles  
Name: Main battle tank  

Development, production and/or integration of new, NATO interoperable systems of new generation designed for enhancement of the existing M-84/T-72 tanks and/or integration of the new tank has been started within the framework of the Project DEGMAN, pursuant to Contract between company DD SPECIAL VEHICLES and Croatian Ministry of Defense.

The aim of the project is “...through digitalization and interconnection of the key MBT systems create hunterkiller capability and ensure compatibility and interoperability between new and enhanced tanks”.

The term “tank destroyer” defines Fire-on-the-move & Hunter-Killer tank capable to aim and fire while on the move under all terrain conditions (dust, mud...), day and night and all diverse climatic conditions (rain, fog...).

Accordingly, the new or enhanced tank has significantly better characteristics then its basic version (M-84).

Besides the above specified this project has been designed on the principle of the “open architecture”, which is the fundamental precondition for application in upgrading and the new production, but also enables fulfilment of the customers’ requirements (i.e. diverse communication systems, different protection levels, etc.).

Specificity of the initial requirements referred to compatibility of new systems (and with it upgrading program) with tank T-72, which potentially opens wide market for modernization regarding number of countries where they are in use.

Project DEGMAN realizes enhancement of the M-84 MBT according to contract between Croatian Ministry of Defense and company DD SPECIAL VEHICLES (DDSV).

Such enhanced tank carries designation M-84D.

Initial Requirements

• Upgraded Ballistic Fire-Control System OMEGA-D

• Thermal Imaging System (TIS)

• All-Electric turret and gun drive

• New VHF-HF radio communication

• Digital Intercom System with Mobile Terminals

• Add-on (or "appliqué") armor and explosive reactive armor (ERA)

• New Generation Laser warning System (LIRD) connected with Smoke Pot Launchers

• NATO compatible Nuclear, Biological and Chemical (NBC) warfare protection system

• Fire Extinguishing and Anti Explosion System

• New Hull Management System

• Automatic System of Engine and Transmission Protection

• Upgraded Tracks - NATO Tracks

• New Batteries and Battery Charger (internal and external)

• New Heating and Cooling System

Specific Requirements

• “TANK DESTROYER” (Fire-on-the-move & Hunter-Killer)

• ATAC - Commander's Battle station which enables:

• Panoramic observation

• Daylight video channel and thermal imaging system

• Eyesafe Laser Rangefinder

• Commander-Take-over System (main gun fire control)

• Battlefield Management System

• Remote aiming of the external 12,7 mm machine gun

• Enhanced anti-mine protection

• SONG-84: Integrated System for Training and Fire Control

• Enhanced reliability (MTBF & MTTR)

• NATO Inter-operability

• Power-pack

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M-84D Degman
M-84D Degman
M-84D Degman
M-84D Degman
M-84D Degman
M-84D Degman
M-84D Degman