Manufacturer: Saab Bofors Dynamics  
Product type: Protection Systems  
Name: Active protection system  

LEDS combines active signature management, soft-kill and hard-kill mechanisms to provide full-spectrum active protection for land vehicles. Full hemispherical coverage is provided to detect incoming threats and alert the crew.

  • LEDS-50 – Laser detection

  • LEDS-100 - Soft-kill

Advantages of choosing LEDS

  • Guaranteed growth path

  • Modular and scaleable

  • Integrated design concept

  • Full-spectrum survivability through layered automated defence

  • Significant cost and weight saving over other means of protection

  • Suitable for urban operations with very short-range defence capability

  • Minimal collateral effect

  • Minimal TTP changes required

  • Active-signature-management capability also offers external fire protection and contamination reduction

  • Overmatches current and emerging anti-armour threats


  • Detects all known lasers associated with anti-armour threats (up to 8 threats simultaneously)

  • Provides threat direction

  • Provides voice audio warning to the crew

  • Provides spectral band information

  • Low false alarm rate, <1 in 24 hours, operational conditions

  • Single pulse probability of intercept >95% in a single emitter environment

  • Multi-pulse probability of intercept > 99% in a single emitter environment

  • Stand-alone or integrated mode of operation

  • Standard interface provided to battlefield management systems

  • Redundancy due to multiple sensors

  • Full range threat management option (standard with threat classification and optional identification and library linked prioritisation)

  • Large detection envelope counters peripheral laser techniques

  • Unique anti-reflection capability that is extremely efficient in typical high-clutter land scenarios

  • User definable threat library tools

  • Laser training system compatible


  • Effective against laser based targeting and guidance systems, like range finders, designators and beam-riders

  • Can also be used manually for rapid obscuration of an attacker’s line of sight in ambush situations

  • Appropriate smoke screen < 1 second

  • Full hemispherical coverage

  • Can accommodate up to 12 soft-kill payloads


  • Effective against RPGs, anti-armour missiles, recoilless rifles and anti-tank guns firing HE, HESH and HEAT ammunition

  • Low collateral damage, allowing urban operations

  • Threat intercept at > 5 m stand-off

  • Defeat simultaneous threats, including near-simultaneous firings

  • Basic version offers 360° azimuth and -15° to +65° elevation coverage

  • Full hemispherical coverage is an option

  • Can accommodate up to 12 ready rounds that can be loaded in any combination of soft-kill and hard-kill

  • Automated control of active signature management and petrol bomb suppression

LEDS is installed on CV90. It has also been installed on platforms like Eagle IV, M60 MBT and Piranha 3.

Live fire tests have been conducted.

Included in:
Product Amount
Eagle V 4x4 (Tactical vehicle)

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