Manufacturer: ASELSAN inc.  
Product type: Turrets  
Name: Remote controlled weapon station  

STAMP-PLUS inherits existing capabilities and components of the current Remote Weapon Systems (RWS), namely 12.7mm STAMP and 30mm SMASH of ASELSAN, to cover a variety of missions and operational concepts.

STAMP-PLUS is built on the legacy of STAMP baseline and enhanced its capabilities with a High Accuracy Stabilized Gimbal (HASG) integrated electro-optic (EO) suit.

STAMP-PLUS features are:

  • Stabilized and remotely operated naval weapon system, suitable to be installed on a range of naval vessels from Fast Interceptors to Corvettes, Frigates and Landing Platform Docks

  • Built with an independent, high accuracy and stabilized gimbal on the turret to perform in a variety of operational environments and missions

  • Real Time operating System

  • Effective in day and night conditions for warfare with a diverse threat set up to: Surface Threats (Sea and Land) up to 60 knots with high manoeuvring capability; Air Threats up to 200 knots; Man target

  • Automatic target tracking with two-axis stabilized turret under adverse weather and sea conditions

  • Fire Control Computation

  • Ballistic Calculations

  • Zeroing and Parallax Correction

  • Probable Hit Point Calculaions

  • Lead Angle Compensation

  • Own ship attitude compensation

  • Lead Angle Compensation

  • Temperature, Wind, Pressure Compensation

  • Automatic slew-to-target capability assigned from the existing Combat Management System (CMS) and sensors of the ship

  • Network integration (multiple RWS)

  • Start-up time of the system is less than 1 (one) minute

  • Manual back-up mode

  • Minimum radar cross-section

  • Minimum (except for the cabling) penetration on platform

  • Built-in-Test (BITE) capability

  • Modular structure and open hardware architecture for potential mid-life upgrades and optional improvements

  • Ergonomic Operator Console Design (MIL-STD-1472G compliant)

  • Operator Console enables the Operator to offset the firing aim point when tracking threats and targets

  • System incorporates firing circuit interrupts and a firing enable key

  • Adjustable software no-fire zones; mechanical movement and firing cut-outs for training, elevation and depression

  • Collecting basket for casings, rounds and links ejected from the weapon

  • Adjustable shot group quantitiy selection (1-3-5-10-20 or Continuous)

  • Reduced rate of fire (150 rpm)

  • Counting the fired rounds and Low Ammo Warning

  • Warning Buzzer for Servo Active and Weapon is ready to fire (optional)

  • Operating the system from multiple locations

  • Operator Console selector switch allows selection of the desired RWS mount

  • System operates at a reduced level of performance (non-stab mode, only TV camera mode, no LRF mode, back-up battery mode, manuel mode etc.) in the event of a critical failure

  • System is covered to protect functional components of the mounted weapon

  • System is built to withstand exposure to conditions up to and including Sea State 7

  • System has an operational life expectancy of 25 years

  • Technology Readiness Level 9

STAMP-PLUS EO suit with HASG features are:

  • The HASG provides even higher hit probability and surveillance capability compared to configurations where EO suit is fixed

  • HASG allows the operator to conduct fall of shot observation at a range of at least 1500 meters while using 0.50 Caliber tracer ammunition

  • Surveillance mode (Surveillance without pointing the gun)

  • System maintains the threat at the centre of the Operator Display when the fire control solution is applied

  • Operator controlled de-icing system to melt accumulated ice on EO suit

STAMP-PLUS Sub-Systems are:

  • Gun

  • Fire Control Computer

  • Servo Motors

  • EO suit (Day TV, Thermal Imaging Camera and LRF)

  • HASG

  • Operator Console with display and controls

  • Turret

  • Battery and Battery Charger

  • Video Recorder (Optional)



  • 7.62mm C6, FN

  • 12.7mm M2HB, M2A2

  • 40mm Grenade Launcher


  • Elevation Angle : -20⁰/+55⁰

  • Traverse Angle : n x 360⁰

  • Elevation Speed (max.) > 60⁰/s

  • Traverse Speed (max.) >60⁰/s

  • Ammunition Stowage (12.7 mm) : 200 rounds (400 rounds optional)

  • Ammunition Stowage (7.62mm) : 500 rounds, (1000 rounds optional)

  • Power Supply : 24 V DC

  • Back-up battery: 2 hours stand-by, full-capability 40 minutes at 20⁰ C

EO SUIT (Day Camera, Thermal Imaging Camera, Laser Range Finder):

Day Camera:

  • Detection Range: > 5 km. (man target, STANAG 4512) ; > 10 km. (2 m2 vehicle)

  • Identification Range: > 1.8 km. (man target, STANAG 4512) ; > 3 km. (2 m2 vehicle)

Day TV camera with variable continuous zoom and a color mode:

  • Horizontal FOV: 2⁰ to 40⁰

  • Horizantal FOV : 2.2⁰ to 62⁰ (optional)

Thermal Imaging Camera:

  • Detection Range: > 5 km. (man target, STANAG 4512) ; > 10 km. (2 m2 vehicle)

  • Identification Range: > 1.8 km. (man target, STANAG 4512) ; > 3 km. (2 m2 vehicle)

  • Extra Narrow FOV: 0.9⁰

  • Narrow FOV: 3⁰

  • Medium FOV: 7⁰

  • Wide FOV: 17.5⁰

  • Eye-safe Class 1 Laser Range Finder (LRF), i.e. ANSI Z136.1, with an accuracy of +/- 5 m and effective range of 20 km

  • Jet wash system to clean debris


  • Elevation Angle: -20⁰/+55⁰ (fully independent)

  • Azimuth Angle : -10⁰/+10⁰

  • Angular Speed: greater than 60/s


  • Above-deck temperature: -32⁰/+50⁰ C

  • Below-deck temperature: 0⁰/+40⁰ C

  • 95% humidity condensing environment

  • Solar environment (MIL-STD-810G, method 505.6 Procedure II)

  • Rainfall conditions (0.8 millimetres per minute)

  • Dust concentrations (1 gram per cubic metre)

  • Resistant to sea state spray conditions (MIL-STD-108E)

  • Galvanic compatible materials against oxidation and corrosion

  • Resistant to the effects of salt deposits (method 509.6 of MIL-STD-810G)

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