Manufacturer: PT. Pindad (Persero)  
Product type: Armoured Vehicles  
Name: Light tank  

Harimau (Tiger) is a variant of the KAPLAN-MT medium tank, created by the Turkish company FNSS and mastered in the assembly by the Indonesian state defense company PT Pindad.

On April 12, 2019, Indonesian Defense Minister Ramisard Ryakuda signed a contract with PT Pindad in Bandung to manufacture the first batch of Harimau for the Indonesian army.

The contract value was $ 135 million. The number of vehicles ordered was not officially disclosed, but, according to the statement of the head of the defense division PT Pindad Vijayanto, it will be 18-20 tanks (the final number will be determined depending on the cost of equipment), and it must be supplied PT Pindad to army of Indonesia for three years.

Harimau tank was jointly developed in the interests of the armed forces of Idonesia in accordance with the agreements of 2014 and 2015 between the Turkish company FNSS Savunma Sistemleri (a joint venture of the Turkish holding Nurol and BAE Systems corporation) and the Indonesian company PT Pindad. Tank with combat weight 32-35 tons, was previously known under the Turkish designation Kaplan MT (Medium Tank), and in Indonesia, the program of its creation was designated Modern Medium Weight Tank (MMWT).

In 2017, two prototypes were manufactured - the first in Turkey (demonstrated by FNSS at IDEF-2017 in Istanbul in May 2017 as Kaplan MT with a tower model), and the second in Indonesia at PT Pindad factory (was first shown on military parade on October 5, 2017). Also one armored hull was produced for testing by shelling and explosions. Both prototypes in the years 2017-2018 passed the test program in Indonesia, and in November 2018 were demonstrated in Jakarta at the defense exhibition IndoDefense 2018, while it was announced that the tests of the tank were completed.

The tank chassis is a tracked chassis of the new generation Kaplan developed by FNSS, on the basis of which the new Kaplan 30 IFV introduced in 2015 was also created. The Belgian two-seater Cockerill 3105 turret from CMI Defense, which is a representative of the new Cockerill 3000 series, is used on a tank. A muzzle braked 105-mm CMI Defense CT-CV 105HP gun and a coaxial 7.62 mm machine gun used as weapon. The gun has a drum-type automatic loader for 12 rounds, another 30 rounds are placed in the hull. The turret and gun has digitally controlled electric drives; the gun has vertical guidance angles from -10 to + 42 degrees. The gun is capable of firing standard NATO 105mm tank ammunition.

Under a 2014 agreement with CMI Defense, the PT Pindad association organizes a licensed assembly of the Cockerill 3000 series of turret in CSE 90LP versions with a 90-mm cannon (to equip Badak 6x6 armored vehicles) and a CMI-3105HP with a 105-mm cannon (to equip a Harmau tank and Pandur II Cobra 8x8 armored vehicles).

The tank has a crew of three - the driver (located in the front compartment), the commander and the gunners (located in the turret). Chassis has a rubberized drive wheels on the sides and rear drive wheels, torsion bar suspension. The monocoque hull of armored steel, body length 7 m, width 3.2 m and height 2.7 m. The vehicle is able to fording obstacles with a depth of 1.2 m, a 2 m wide trench and a wall height of 0.9 m.

Standard hull and turret of the Harmau tank, provides all-round protection according to the STANAG 4569 Level 4 (protection against an armor-piercing bullet of 14.5 mm from 200 m), it is possible to install an add-on protection that increases prpotection up to STANAG 4569 Level 5 (protection against 25-mm armor-piercing projectile fired from 500 m, and in the frontal - from a 30-mm projectile). The tank has enhanced mine protection provided by a V-shaped bottom to STANAG 4569 Level 3b and Level 4a and crew survival in the event of a 10-kg TNT charge being exploded under the bottom or track.

The Harimau has digital fire control system, with stabilized sights (with integrated thermal imaging channel and laser rangefinder) at the commander and gunner, the commander has a panoramic sight. The tank is equipped with an information and control system, a navigation system, a circular view system using video cameras, laser irradiation sensors and smoke grenade launchers. There is a powerful air conditioning system, a system of protection against weapons of mass destruction, an automated fire protection system.

The Caterpillar C13 diesel engine with a power of 711 hp was installed on the prototypes of the tank, couped with an Allison / Caterpillar X300 automatic transmission. Maximum speed of 76 km/h on the highway and a range of up to 450 km. Also, the tank is equipped with an diesel auxiliary power unit, which provides power to electrical consumers in parking position.

The Indonesian armed forces plan to acquire at the first stage 44 Harimau tanks. General plans for the procurement of tanks in Indonesia - up to 400 units.

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