Manufacturer: Shahid Kolah Dooz Industrial Complex  
Product type: Armoured Vehicles  
Name: Light tank  


Late in 1997, Iran stated that it had developed a new light tank called the Tosan (Fury) armed with a 90 mm gun and that this was expected to enter production in the near future.

No information has been released on the Tosan, apart from that it is capable of 'rapid response and built for strategic missions.'

It is also said to be very light so that special trucks will not be required and it is also claimed to have a superior firing and targeting system.

The Tosan could be a local design, a foreign vehicle manufactured under licence or a mix of new and existing vehicles and equipment.

If the Tosan has not been completely designed and built in Iran, possible existing modified vehicles could include:

(1) Alvis Scorpion with the 76 mm gun replaced by a 90 mm gun. Prior to the fall of the Shah of Iran the country took delivery of a large number of 76 mm Alvis Scorpion Combat Vehicle Reconnaissance (Tracked) vehicles. All recent export Alvis Scorpion vehicles have been fitted with a Belgian Cockerill 90 mm gun. This is also fitted to the Brazilian EE-9 (6 x 6) Cascavel armoured cars supplied in large numbers to Iraq, some of which have been captured by Iran. It is possible that Iran has taken these 90 mm guns, or reverse engineered them, and installed them in the existing Alvis Scorpion turrets. Another alternative would be to fit a new turret with a 90 mm gun.

(2) Locally built Boragh full tracked armoured personnel carrier (which is covered in the following section) armed with a 90 mm gun rifled gun as fitted to the EE-9 (6 x 6) Cascavel armoured car. Another alternative could be fitting the complete ENGESA EE-9 (6x6) Cascavel turret.


Believed to be entering low rate production.

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